Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Too Much Talk Podcast Episode 1: Baby Mama Drama: The EP

Hi Guys!

Welcome to the first post of Too Much Talk NG. This is a newly formed podcast created by Dipo the blackchild, Bash Aleee, and NK. Basically what we do is talk about issues currently ongoing both globally and locally. We share opinions and try to make it as fun as possible. 

Podcasts aren't really very popular in Nigeria yet but we promise that it's the one thing many of us are missing from our lives!. They're not too big to download and are usually about an hour long. If you find yourself stuck in traffic or waiting for some overweight lecturer to sign something or the other. you wont regret spending that time gisting with us. 

We try to make the show as interactive as possible. so please feel free to comment on the reviews of each episode that will be put up here every Thursday or on our YouTube page.

Please remember to subscribe to either our iTunes, YouTube, or Soundcloud channels and don't forget that there's also a Dropbox link to download!

We love you guys and we hope to hear your thoughts soon!

Links to the First episode of the podcast:

We hope you have an amazing time. Feel free to participate wherever you can comment!

Cheers, the team .

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