Thursday, 14 September 2017

Nigeria Beer Festival #DodoGangEndorsed

It is no news that popular beer festivals around the world like the German Oktoberfest, Canada (PNE Craft, Winnipeg, Waterloo) and others are great source of revenue for their countries as they become centres of tourist attractions to people around the globe.
It is now time for Nigerians to welcome her own –NIGERIA BEER FESTIVAL.

For a week, starting from September 25th to October 1st, 2017, Nigerians and her foreign neighbours will gather at the Bar Beach waterfront of Eko Atlantic. But the gathering is neither political nor religious, it will be in sync with what the famous beach is known for (relaxation, fun and enjoyment).

The Festival Organizer, On and One Events Limited (OO1), with the support of the Lagos State Government revealed that the event which targets thousands of visitors, is aimed at stimulating the tourism market.
The Nigeria Beer Festival will provide a fitting ambience to showcase culture and lifestyle, various stage performances, side attractions, barbeque in a carnival-like atmosphere with various beer brands and other alcoholic drinks in Nigeria connecting with their existing and potential beer lovers.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is expected to close the festival during the Independence Day Mega Concert that will parade an array of A-list Nigerian artistes, which will feature eye-popping fireworks display.
For further enquiries and stall bookings, Kindly Call Titi on 08159811695 or Tolu on 09097297270

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The Nigeria Beer Festival is #DodoGangEndorsed 

Friday, 18 August 2017

The Jollof Weekender: Happy World Jollof Rice Day

Jollof Weekender! 

Once every year, Jollof Lovers gather to celebrate this dish we all love, Jollof Rice! 

World Jollof Rice Day in its 3rd edition has organized a series of events centered around Jollof Rice for Jollof Lovers to bask in. 

Please find the details of the events below: 

On Friday, there's a private dinner by Kitchen Butterfly at Sao Cafe for 7:00pm. Tickets Cost 9,000. See below for the menu and more details. 

On Saturday, it's going down like it's Owambe style as it's Free Entry, Free Jollof Rice and Free Guinness in V.I . There will also be a Jollof Documentary for your viewing pleasures as well as a Farafina Bookstall to get all your favorite books.  Kindly see below for more details of this event. 

On Sunday, it's a festival of Jollof Activities at the Railway Compound in Ebutte Metta. Tickets cost only 1k and all your favorite chefs would be displaying their Jollof Skills in such ways that you have never seen before. Kindly find all the details needed below. 

You can purchase all your tickets at 

World Jollof Rice Day is #DodoGangEndorsed! Happy World Jollof Rice Day! 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

New Music: African Bad Girl - Commitment

After several months of underground jobs, the hit-maker and sensational singer drops a new wave, he is a UNILAG student committed to his music. With the infusion of afropop with reggae, the artist creates a new sound. African Bad Girl was produced by Samibond.
Please listen, download and share African Bad Girl By Commitment here

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Instagram: @Mr_Commitment
Twitter: @Iam_commitment

 African Bad Girl By Commitment is #DodoGangEndorsed

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Dodo Gang Store

Finally, we're moving from manual to automatic as we now have a very easy to use online store where you get to shop for your favorite Dodo Gang items that are currently in stock, pay for them using your credit/debit cards and have them delivered right to your doorstep anywhere you are in Nigeria.

You get to shop for new releases and limited edition pieces on this platform too. We have also created another Instagram page (@dodogangshop) to focus more on the fashion and merchandize part of the brand. We will be using this page to display items that currently in the store, not forgetting to show off our gangsters as they keep swagging irresistibly in their gang merch.

So tell a plantain gangster to tell a plantain lover to tell someone that loves plantain that there's now a link to shop for plantain lovers uniform items and its Major shouts out to Lasiko/Suvenia for this one!

Remember that this is plantain lovers uniform oh! So we can be spreading positive vibes whenever we meet ourselves especially where they are roasting, frying and selling plantain. ..

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Calabar By Bash Aleee

So yeah, I'm moving to Calabar for a year and I'm happy about it.

This should have happened sooner, but you know how God works and he is our oga at the top, so for the fact that its happening now or even happening at all, I really can't complain, I'm just a grateful pencil in the hands of my creator.

I believe that every Lagosian deserves constant breaks from the crazy city before they run mad without even knowing. Its very essential for our mental health before somebody will just be behaving like an animal they just released from the jungle. Basically products of their environment: a concrete jungle. In my young time on earth, I've actually figured out that life really isn't so difficult, Lagos just makes it look like it is. This is the second time I will be moving away from Lagos and this time, I'm actually looking forward to it.

So, I'm moving to a place where they sell plantains all over the place and there is something besides groundnut to eat it with. As the original plantain gangster that I am, best believe that the proper words to express how I feel about that development haven't been invented yet . I've actually been discouraged against moving by a few people telling me how Calabar is empty and  that there is nothing there. But yeah, I feel the need to spread the plantain lifestyle gospel to the South of Nigeria and live my life without Lagos traffic for at least a year.

Then again, I know how adventurous I am and how much I love to catch cruise, so I'm just going very open minded and very positive about the future. I know that whatever is mine is mine and if it's out there looking for me, we will definitely jam somehow.

Personally, as a creative, I know I'm very receptive so I'm really looking forward to the type of content I'll be creating. That's like the only thing I'm excited about because I actually don't know what medium, form or dimensions they will be in, I'm just predicting that they will be very LIT. Let me just use this to say I'm very open to collaborations with other people and if you ever figure out something you think we can work on together, please holla let's make magic. PS: I love money and making more money, so you have to factor that into it. Business ideas and jobs that don't require my presence in the office all or none of the time are very welcome too.

My moving will not affect Dodo Gang activities. The gang shirts and face caps would be available for purchase online very soon and we will #LinkInBio it. The captions won't stop coming too, except network wants to affect it.

I used to think I wasn't going to miss Lagos for anything, but then I remember the awesomeness that is Red Oak Plantain Chips and then I shed a tear in pain. I'm really going to miss that brand of plantain. Plantain Chips of life! Plantain Chips that is sweeter than some people's lives, yes.

I bought a stash to "hold body" for a while, but I know I'll probably finish it on this trip. Abeg, if you know anyone coming to Calabar from Lagos, please help me tell them to bring me plantain chips. Thank you!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Dodo Gang Merchandise: New Price List

Welcome to the new month Gangsters!

Big shouts out to all the Gangsters that got their gang uniforms during the January 2017 Clearance Sales,we are now anticipating your swagged out pictures, please don't forget to tag us. Apologies to all the gangsters that couldn't get their uniforms due to various reasons. Our January 2017 Clearance Sales is now over and the prices for our fashion items are now back to normal. Tee-Shirts cost only 3,000 while Face Caps cost 2,500 only. Nationwide Delivery is still very much available with varying rates depending on the gangster's location.

To get a Dodo Gang Fashion item, all you need to do is to send us a DM (@DodoGang_) on any of our social media platforms ( Twitter, Instagram & Facebook) OR Call/WhatsApp: 09037030672 OR E-mail:

Remember that this is plantain lovers uniform oh! So that we can be spreading positive vibes whenever we meet ourselves especially where they are roasting, frying and selling plantain.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Dodo Gang Tee- Shirts: January 2017 Clearance Sales

Happy New Year Dodo Gangsters!

Just because we want our gangsters to begin the New Year in so much style and dripping swagu, we have decided to slash down prices for a limited amount of Dodo Gang Tee-Shirts.

We understand that the recession is affecting our plantain lifestyle and hence have decided to sell all our Tee-Shirts for only N2,500. However, delivery rates will apply with varying rates depending on the gangster's location. Nationwide delivery is available.  This is a move in our bid to ensure that gangsters wear uniforms in 2017.


To get your own Dodo Gang Tee-Shirt: Call/WhatsApp 09037030672 OR Send a DM to @dodogang_ on all social media platforms OR Send an email to


Remember that this is plantain lovers uniform oh
 So that we can be spreading positive vibes whenever we meet ourselves, especially where they are roasting, frying and selling plantain.