Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Dodo Gang Store

Finally, we're moving from manual to automatic as we now have a very easy to use online store where you get to shop for your favorite Dodo Gang items that are currently in stock, pay for them using your credit/debit cards and have them delivered right to your doorstep anywhere you are in Nigeria.

You get to shop for new releases and limited edition pieces on this platform too. We have also created another Instagram page (@dodogangshop) to focus more on the fashion and merchandize part of the brand. We will be using this page to display items that currently in the store, not forgetting to show off our gangsters as they keep swagging irresistibly in their gang merch.

So tell a plantain gangster to tell a plantain lover to tell someone that loves plantain that there's now a link to shop for plantain lovers uniform items and its Major shouts out to Lasiko/Suvenia for this one!

Remember that this is plantain lovers uniform oh! So we can be spreading positive vibes whenever we meet ourselves especially where they are roasting, frying and selling plantain. ..