Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Sallah Dodo is Sallah Promo

Barka De Sallah Gangsters! 
Sallah Dodo is here to help you enjoy the holiday and keep you suited up like a superstar. 

Sallah Dodo is our Sallah holiday promo on all merchandise items at the dodo gang shop.
We are giving all our gangsters a price reduction of N1,000 on all items purchased from the Dodo Gang store during the Sallah holiday on Tuesday August 21st and Wednesday August 22nd. 

This is awoof wey no dey run belle oh! So, don't dull on it gangsters. Tell a gangster to tell a gangster to tell a gangster that it's N1,000 OFF all items at the Dodo Gang shop. 
Sallah Dodo is here, Don't go far, please come near. 
Eid Mubarak everyone! 

Kindly Call/WhatsApp 09037030672 to get your gang uniform delivered to your at 1K off right away. 

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