Sunday, 10 February 2019

Dodo Gang Merchandise: The Dodo 2019 Collection

Dear Gangsters,
The Dodo 2019 Merchandise Collection is here!

The Dodo 2019 Collection is inspired by the 2019 elections in Nigeria.

The Plantain For President design explores the possibility of a plantain becoming the President of the Nation. A very sweet situation.

Plantain For President 

Plantain For President 

Exploring the terrible educational system's product of Nigerian English, we demonstrate with a quote. "Food is Important, but Dodo is Importanter".

Food Is Important 

Dodo Is Importanter 

Regardless of all we go through being Nigerian, We still Love Nigeria.

I Love Nigeria 

I love Nigeria 

Not forgetting that Plantain is Life and Plantain Is Bae.
Plantain Is Life 

Plantain Is Bae 

Tee-Shirts from the #Dodo2019 Collection are now available at the Dodo Gang Shop for N3,000 only.

You can also  Call/WhatsApp 09037030672 or slide in our DM  on any of our social media pages to make a purchase. World Wide Delivery is available. 
Happy Shopping Gangsters!

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