Tuesday, 23 August 2016

All Or Nothing Fitness With Dizzy: Piece Of Cake

Hello once again guys, how is your fitness journey going? Not easy? Piece of cake? Well whichever it is, just KEEP GOING!
So, what actually inspired my topic for the day? As I write this, I actually cannot recall, but I am definitely thinking of cake right about now, whether or not I’d be satisfying my crave is unknown. CRAVES, yeah I think I remember. We all have cravings, don’t we? And when I say “crave” here, I mean what is deemed “bad food” as regard to fat loss.

This is a constant battle, whether you’re just starting or you’re deep into your fitness journey. Well, like we have variable ways of achieving our goals, so do we have dealing with our cravings. So how do you deal with yours? I’ll tell how I dealt with mine.

Now you know I’m a firm preacher of how much the mind plays in this business, and again it plays a big a role in helping you battle your cravings. Ever heard of Out of SIGHT is Out of MIND?, yeah more often than not, it is the truth.

You often can only concentrate on what’s in front of you, and so often you crave what you see. For a lot of us, we only know we want that junk when we see it, so how do you stop or reduce the intake of such sweet junk cravings? LOOK AWAY! Or, better yet, control what you put in your fridge or kitchen. Easier said than done, but its easier to control you cravings this way, especially when you’re just starting out. It’s easier not to eat cake at midnight when you open the refrigerator and you see no cake.

Although not to see this is not to buy this, so the initial step is controlling what is on your grocery list, you’d be surprised by how much difference would be made to your “bad” eating habit if you just tweaked and replaced certain items on your grocery list. It definitely is not a guarantee to stop the cravings but I know it helps with controlling it. Now this isn’t everyone’s style as some people have amazing self-restraint, this article isn’t for you.

 So, if you’re one of us that lacks self-control or at least is still just starting, make conscious efforts to control your grocery and what you put in your fridge, and watch your eating habits get better by the day. Cheers, Never Give IN!

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