Monday, 29 December 2014

Bash Aleee's performance at Hip Hop Meets Spoken Word

Please Watch Bash Aleee's performance from the December edition of Hip Hop Meets Spoken Word in Accra, Ghana. #DodoGangEndorsed

Sunday, 21 December 2014

DGOD Episode 19: Christmas Giveaway

Indi Christmas spirit, Boxing Day came early this year and will last for 10 days. You even get to know what your present is, the only twist is that you're the one that will have to go and get it. Just a small token to appreciate your support, we're giving out Dodo Gang button badges for free from today, December 21st- December 31st, 10 days, we'd be counting down to the New Year together. And in the New Year, you still get to wear button badges cus every Dodo Gang shirt purchased in the New Year will come with a free button badge. To get a button badge, you'd have to find Bash, he explains further in DGOD Episode 19

Pictures of the badges

Bash Aleee

Saturday, 20 December 2014

New Mixtape: Random Thoughts 2: Life of the Misunderstood by Dope LRB

Over a month ago, we premiered the video to DopeLRB's Theories of the real ft. Bucho Dego (watch video here ) and told you goiz that it was the lead single to something. Well, that something has finally dropped at its DopeLRB's Random Thoughts 2: Life of Misunderstood.
The Wait is Finally Over , This Artist is one of those who doesn't quit but makes sure he puts out a tape every year. This er just ike every other one, he's here with 'Random Thoughts 2: Life of the Misundestood. The title is self explanatory if you ask me. DopeLRB has desrcibed this mixtape as him being "TRANSPARENT". And with amazing songs  like Curse of The Gifted & A Thug'sTears, you can see how message he's trying to pass through. Production credits include A-Wal, Aleyi, DopeLRB, 808CR, King Sabali,Goononthetrack & UIM.


Enjoy & Download the mixtape. Please support good music
Random Thoughts 2: Life of The Misunderstood is #DodoGangEndorsed

Bash Aleee

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bash Aleee is Mr. Durexxx

New skit from voicenote artist Bash Aleee. Kindly listen and download here. He also dumped 2 skits on us advertising our new shirts from the Glow Indi Dark Collection which drops in January 2015, be sure to listen and download them using ths link, Bash Aleee on Soundcloud January 2015, Parts 1 & 2. Please share your thoughts on Bash Aleee as you expect more material from him in the nearest future.  Mr. Durexxx is #DodoGangEndorsed

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Bash Aleee: Power Show

Happy New Audio skit from voicenote artist Bash Aleee. He calls this one Power Show. Kindly listen and download here. Be sure to follow Bash Aleee on soundcloud to stay tuned for more voicenotes and other materials. Please leave your comments indi comments section and don't forget about our new shirts from The Glow Indi Dark Collection which drops in January 2015. Power Show by Bash Aleee is #DodoGangEndorsed. Thanks for listening.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Bash Aleee: Somewhere in Lagos

Yo Goiz! New Audio Skit from Bash Aleee, Somewhere in Lagos. Listen, download & Share  here ! #DodoGangnamStyle

Friday, 21 November 2014

DodoTrendz: Glow indi Dark shirts: January 2015

Goiz, sorry for the many many breaks in transmission. Don't worry, there won't be any more breaks as long as you goiz keep supporting and praying for us. We're happy to announce to you that our new collection of shirts will start selling in the new year, January 2015. Please be sure to stalk us on here, facebook, twitter and Instagram for standard pictures of the shirts as we hope that they will burst your head as much as they've burst ours.. New DGOD's coming up soon too, More Bash Aleee skits on soundcloud, we hope you liked Restaurant Bants. The theme of the new collection of shirts is "Glow indi Dark" as the shirts glow in the dark, so you can be sure to use them to support your electrical failures whenever ECG, NEPA or anybody decides to take the lights out within your vicinity. Don't worry, your favorite old designs will still be availabale for purchase too, so don't dull.. Your swaagu will still be on point. As a token of apology from us for your time we've wasted and appetite wetted, we'd like to thank you for your patience by giving you goiz a little small bribe with every shirt purchased in the new year. Please stalk us for a little while to find out what form this bribe will be coming in.  Hope you goiz have been frying that plantain sha, and turning up for fried plantain.. that's the ultimate #DododGangBehaviour We love those who love us, its Fryday, you're meant to turn up and fry your plantain today. Thanks for the patience, love and support, we will not disappoint you. God  bless you all. #DodoGangForever

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bash Aleee: Restaurant Bants

We're still catching cruise, kindly listen & download Bash Aleee's Restaurant Bants here . Don't forget to share & leave your comments. #DodoGangnamStyle

Monday, 20 October 2014

New Video Alert: Theories Of The Real- DopeLRB ft. Bucho Dego

Bad Guys, DopeLRB & Bucho Dego have been on their grind underground for a while now. This is a new collaboration from these two unique goiz! Its the video to the first single off the new mixtape Random Thoughts II/ Life Of The Misunderstood #DodoGangEndorsed,  specially garnished for you. Theories of the real. Please leave your comments indi comments section.

Bash Aleee 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Oluwadele Lyric Video- X.O Senavoe ft. Efya #DodoGangEndorsedMusic

Last night, X.O Senavoe dropped the lyric videofor his new hit single which features Ghanian soul bird Efya. Information reaching Dodo Gang is that the wait for X.O Senavoe's very much anticipated debut XpointO will soon be over. Stay tuned.  Watch the Oluwadele lyric video.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Poetry: Crush by MsBRedd

"Not a day goes by,

That you don't cross mind,

The way you smell,

The way you look,

The way you feel,

And your kisses so sweet,

You make me complete,

The final piece,

I remember the first time I saw you in my mother's kitchen,

I was so smittened,

My mama was talking to me but I hardly listened,

All I could see was you,

That's how I knew it was you I was missing,

So everytime you came around,

I would come to my mama's side and whisper to her,

"Mama, can I please ....have some DODO"



Hey Gang, our guest columnist today, MsBRedd is an amazing writer, poet and spoken word artist. You goiz should check out her blog here . And please don't forget to leave your comments in the comment box below. Thanks goiz!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

#DodoGangEndorsedMusic: Piper- Whachu Want Freestyle

Big Fish Minister, Starboy Lieutenant, Piper hasdropped a new jam for y'all. Whachu Want freestyle.. Kindly listen and download here


Thursday, 31 July 2014

#DodoGangEndorsedMusic : Dj Sugar Fingaz presents KNUST Summer Jam Mixtape Vol 1

If you were at Takeover #InvadingKumasi, you'd remember how sweet hit tunes kept flowing in from his fingers like sugar, entertaining us while we gyrated all night .These tunes came from none other than the one and only Dj Sugar Fingaz. He is one of KNUST's young fast rising entertainers as he won ISA KNUST's award for the International Dj of the year. Today, August 1st, he has decided to say "Happy New Month & TGIFryday " to you all by dropping his very much anticipated Summer Jam Mixtape Volume 1... This mix tape right here features all the hit tunes that rocked your speakers all summer.. Kindly download and share here


Word reaching Gangland is that Dj Mayjeee is teaming up with Bash Aleee and staging a come-back to town, so we're doing a special Flashback Friday for those of you that are just catching up on this Dodo Gang cruise.. Long time ago, he used to dish out live musical dodo mixes, now let's go back to those mixes.. Lets listen to one of them

Dj Mayjeee & Diverse ---> Sexy Back Mix

TGIFryday, its time to turn up again once more..  If you're in Ghana, please don't dull yourself. Its the Rexona Do More Party 8pm tonight at the Accra Sports Stadium Featuring Performances by Sarkodie, E.L & Ms Veee.. Please do not forget that this event is #DodoGangEndorsed & FREEEEE... Turn Down For What?

Kindly download Dj Sugar Fingaz' Summer Jam Mixtape to ginger yourself before the main event. Chale, Turn Down For What?

Please leave all comments in the comment boxbelow. Thank you & Happy Dodo Filled Weekend, Gang!

Bash Aleee

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rexona Do More Party featuring Sarkodie, EL & Ms Vee #DisturbingGhana

Unilever PLC, makers of your number 1 deodorant, Rexona bring to you the biggest party you'll ever experience. They call this one "The Rexona Do More Party" and the name just suggests how much more Unilever PLC intend to do for you. This event will take place at the Accra Sports Stadium and features performances from Obidiponbidi himself, Sarkodie,B.A.R Rapper, EL & the very sexy Ms Vee. The best party about this party is that its absolutely freeee.. Some of you might call it a concert, but Rexona has defined it as a party, so no long thing. Show up ready to party at the Accra Sports Stadium on August 1st, the show starts at 8pm, so don't be late. This event is #DodGangEndorsed..

Watch promo videos for the Rexona Do More Party below

Friday, 11 July 2014

DodoTrendz: Rebranding to burst your heads.

Thank God its Fryday Goiz! The only day apart from every other day that has been set aside for plantain frying only. So don't forget to fry your dodo today! #DodoGangAllDayEveryday still sha..

Goiz, thank you for your patience as some of you would have noticed that your favorite dodo gang tee-shirts,tank tops & sweatshirts haven't been available for sometime now. We apologise for any inconveniences caused and promise you that your wait will be worth it. We also apologize for not making this announcement earlier...

We are currently rebranding our fashion sturvzz, bringing you new, better and improved designs that will apeal to all gender & age groups just in time for The aniDODOlakpo exhibition. These designs will also be premiered at the exhibition. We're also broadening our reach to make sure our wears are readily available wherever you may be. Don't worry goiz, all your favorite old designs will still also be available too. So be sure to keep up with us on this blog as all major announcements will be made here. Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding. And be sure to keep anticipating what Dodo Gang will do next. We know that you know that we're going to burst your head. Thanks for your confidence in us. That's the ultimate #DodoGangBehavior. In the meantime, you can still pre-order for your favorite old designs by sending an e-mail of your preffered design, colour & shirt size to and we'll get back to you immediately. God bless you & don't forget to turn up cus its Fryday Goiz!

Photo credit:

Bash Aleee

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The aniDODOlakpo Era

  Once upon a time in Gangland, a stranger kid arrived from outerspace. His name was Dodo. As soon as Dodo arrived in Gangland, all the females wanted a peice of him. So he willingly gave them a piece of Dodo whenever they so desired. Soon enough, Dodo started giving the ladies some vitamins to accompany them. He called these vitamins, the vitamin D for dodo. These ladies had to assume certain positions which he called the #DodoGangArmyArrangement while taking these vitamins and ever so often they had to switch their #DodoGangnamStyles in order to impress Dodo and get even stronger vitamins.

Not so long after Dodo arrived, he had become the talk of town, as all the bad belle goiz didn't like the fact that what he was serving was unbeatable. He had become a Kelewele Pimp overnight! Even the queen of Gangland, Queen Sheeba wanted her own fare share of Vitamin D. She was willing to do anything for it. Vitamin D for Dodo was irresistable! When King Idiot of Gangland heard of his wife's keen interest in these outer space vitamins, he was very furious and ordered that Dodo be banished from Gangland.

All the ladies in town didn't like the idea of Dodo leaving Gangland as they often referred to him as 'heaven sent' because he had something spiritual, quite extra terrestrial, it made them feel whole once again. Always challenging the status quo and improving their #DodoGangnamStyles. Queen Sheeba had heard of her husband's action and didn't like it one bit. She was mad at him and reffered to him as 'unfit to rule'. She also wished Dodo was her main man. Later that night she snuck out of Palace Gangland in a hopeful search of Vitamin D just before Dodo left Gangland for good. She found Dodo in his kitchen almost at work, and then he gave her a slice, without the vitamins. She asked why he hadn't given her the vitamins too,she asked if she wasn't worthy enough, she asked why, why, why.  Dodo explained to her that in order to get Vitamin D as the queen, she'd have to work very hard for it. She'd have to deliver a message to her husband.The message for him would be a duel. Dodo challenged King Idiot to a plantain frying contest at Gangland Square. The winner of this contest would be seen as the one fit to rule Gangland. The true one for Queen Sheeba!

Sheeba went back to the palace half fulfilled but didn't mind cus the future seemed like a smile away. She went straight to her husband's chambers right away and told him about this challenge. He accepted in order not to look like a coward, knowing that he would fail but was sure that Dodo would be able to watch the throne in his absence.

2 days later, the news was out.. all citizens of Gangland gathered at the Square to know their fate and their future ruler. Idiot arrived at the contest later than Dodo, but presented first. Idiot's #DodoGangnamStyle was very regular, he served his plantain with Jollof Rice and Chicken. The panel of judges didn't seem too pleased. Up next was Dodo, there was a tingly sensation of excitement in the air just from  the smell of his meal. From his outer space recipes, he produced Plantain baked eggs with Suya on the side.  Everyone wanted a taste, most especially the ladies who were already wondering if they could get some vitamins after  the competition.

The panel of judges declared Dodo the winner, the king of gangland & the one for Queen Sheeba.  King Idiot was to be banished from Gangland and never to fry wacky plantain again. Dodo's inaugural ceremony happened almost immediately. The Chief priest called him 'aniDODOlakpo' meaning :he that has dodo in his pouch. Dodo boastfully put his book of outerspace plantain recipes in his pocket to signal the approval of the title.

Dodo introduced such concepts as #DodoGangEndorsed #DodoGangOrDie, #DodoGangnamStyle, #DodoGangAllDayEveryday, #DodoGangBehavior  & his legendary #DodoGangArmyArrangement which was the greatest arrangement in the galaxies


Dodo further went ahead to enact effective policies which protected one's plantain interests. One of such policies was The Smell of Fried Plantain Act, which allowed people who had been disturbed by the beautiful smell of frying plantain to act in accordance to how they truly felt, which was to take action by getting out there, find the fryer and demand their own share of the meal due to the nasal disturbance it had cost them. aniDODOlakpo also went ahead to state that 'thou shall not love his neighbour as himself when his dodo is in question'. He was also often quoted thus ' touch not my plantain and do my dodo no harm.'
 Soon after this era had begun, female citizens of gangland were asked to  carefully set their P's for plantain in order to get the Vitamin D for Dodo from the males. All was merry in Gangland after these times began as balance was fully restored again. All thanks to  aniDODOlakpo: He that has plantain in his pouch.
Queen Sheeba
Ps: The aniDODOlakpo Fashion, Food, Art, Music & Photography Exhibition is coming soon to Lagos & Accra. Brought to you by yours truly, Dodo Gang. Please watch this uspace for more information. Thanks Goiz!

Bash Aleee

Monday, 23 June 2014

DodoGangEndorsedMusic: Tenatenpo & KD present "Mr. Romantic"

New Music from the fast rising and soon-to-be the next big thing, MIGMIE Music presents the crazy duo Tenatenpo & KD in "Mr. Romantic" featuring the Knight House general Phenom. The record was produced by another young and talented vibe creator, Duggie.

The jam Mr Romantic, yes I said jam because it is a banger!!! Was coined from Shaggy's 90's hit (Mr Bombastic). A fusion of Reggae, Afrobeat and HipHop sounds, Mr. Romantic is a follow up to the duo's first single "Loving You" ft Timix, off their mixtape "Slave to society" set to drop September 15th.

Watch out for them, and follow on twitter:
@Tenatenpo @Kvngdams
@Kh_Phenom @Duggie_aa and @Migmiemusic for more info

#MrRomantic -
Loving you ft Timix -

Eleven ft Gslim -

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Solange Hit Combo Part 2 featuring Gay Z & Bash Alee

DGOD Episode 18 Part 2! Please Watch the second part  of  Bash Alee's banter on Solange & Jay Z's elevator quickie in 'Solange Hit Combo Part 2.' We hear that there might just be a part 3 featuring the whole gang, not confirmed yet, But stay tuned goiz! #DodoGang


DGOD Episode 18: Solange Hit Combo featuring Gay Z... Part 1

Please Watch Dodo Gang's Bash Alee shed light on the Solange & Jay Z fight in DGOD Episode 18: Solange Hit Combo featuring Gay Z.  Jay Z was trying to look pretty in that video..  Part 2 of Bash Alee's view wi be released later today, Please stay tuned!

What do you think about the fight? What do you think caused the fight? What do you think about Bash Alee's view on the fight?.... And don't you forget to look out for Part 2 later today. #DodoGang. Please leave your comments and don't forget to subscibe on youtube. Thank you!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dodo Trendz: Tank Tops & Tee-Shirts: BACK IN STOCK GOIZ!

Just in time for the Dodo Gang Selfie Olympics, your favorite Dodo Gang khacks have been restored to Gangland. So be sure to always contact us to upgrade your kelewele pimping swaaaaaagu. New Designs are also available with more new designs coming soon. Keep Calm and Fry Plantain while we Make Dodo Not War, be sure to tell the world that We Love Fried Plantain by showing your #DodoGangnamStyle. Happy Weekend Goiz! Play hard before you have to get back to work! Pimping Price: Tank top- Ghc25 /Tee-shirt- Ghc35/ Sweatshirt-GHc 70/ +233540201041 to order shirts in Ghana/ +2348035214435 to order shirts in Nigeria. Every other country should e-mail goiz: Follow us on Instagram @dodogangnamstyle.If you like us, then please like us on Facebook. Subscribe on YouTube too Thank you for the support. Please leave all other enquiries in the comment box. #DGOD #DodoGangArmyArrangement

DodoTrendz: For the love of fried plantain

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

DodoGangnamStyle: Plantain Baked Eggs

Watch how plantain and eggs turn to film trick before your eyes.. I just found this badass- mouth watering dodogangnamstyle and knew that I'd be wicked if I didn't share it on here with the whole gang. I'll let you goiz know how it goes when I make my own cus I'm definitely going to make my own... Or anyone that wants to make it and deliver to goiz can apply in the comment box. Thanks Goiz! #DodoGang

PS:Your #DodoGangnamStyle is the way you love to enjoy your fried plantain! Let's get creative goiz, it cannot always be rice and beans. Try boiled plantain and tom-tom sooon. Let us know how you feel after.

Video Credit: Ndani Tv

Bash Alee

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Dodo Football Dosage: EPL Week 36

Very interesting and challenging week 36 in the English Premier league I must confess, most especially with Manchester United giving us a dose of sweet deja vu just to remind us how great they really are and why they remain the RED DEVILS. In the words of new interim player coach, Ryan Giggs," We will go back to playing like Manchester United" and they did just that. The mature leader who has seen Manchester United through its years in the premier league was sure to be true to his word when the red devils were up against Norwich City on
on Saturday, United carefully delivered 4 plates of dodo into Norwich's post. 2 each from Rooney and Mata who came off the bench substituting Danny Welbeck in grand style. Welbeck was also sure to contribute as he was the one who was fouled in 39th minuite leading to Rooney's first goal which was a penalty. Rooney sent the keeper on a long errand to the other side while the ball made the red world united once again as Old Trafford felt the love. What are we thinking? Could Ryan Giggs really be what United needs? Our sincere condolences go out
to David Moyes who was fired only a day before his birthday. Sad to think that we believed he was the chosen one. With Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs' 4-4-2 formation, United should be confident of getting all their opponents served with enough Dodo! 

Tottenham 1-0 Stoke City
My team, Tottenham was sure enough not to dull on the weekend victory by carefully depositing a plate of dodo with our signature chicken on the side into Stoke City's post. This plate of dodo was delivered in the first half by Danny Rose, well assisted by  Chef Emannuel Adebayor. The dodo was served using Rose's head. Powerful finish! 

Chelsea 2- 0  Liverpool 

A.K.A. CLASH OF THE TITANS, spectacular support displayed by Liverpool fans before the match,  I'm sure it was meant to have been very intimidating for Jose Mourinho & Chelsea, who were not shaken at all as they were carefuly to twaq them well well, gave them 2 goals just to let them know that Mourihno is boss.. ( our internet connection won't let you watch Bash Alee's reaction) .... Liverpool's captain Steven Gerrad was caught slippin' (literally) and  had Demba Ba scoring the first goal of the match for Chelsea at extra time in the first half. Gerrad tried to treat his personal fuck up all through the rest of the match, shooting invicible goals and scoring within his mind. Willian Borges Da Silva was sure to get Mourinho emotional at extra time in the 2nd half... Did you see Ashley Cole comparing beards with Bash Alee?

Crystal Palace 0-2 Manchester City
Look to your left and look to your right and make sure you deal with anyone who tells you that Mikel Obi           
robbed off the Glo CAF African Footballer of the year Award. Did you see Yaya Toure in his elements? Baba was sure to turn the game up another notch only in the 3rd minute by setting Edin Dzeko up, and surely he was up to the task, a header and a GOAL! As a senior man, Toure didn't stop there, he made sure he put one in the post himself.. Words cannot describe Bash Alee's reaction, but our internet connection won't let you see it.. 42nd minute goal by the way! 

 Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle
 I don't have much to say about the Arsenal match, the demeanor of the Newcastle fans after the match was enough comedy already. 3 goals, by Oliver Giroud, Laurent Kosicielny & Mesut Ozil who was also sure enough to add an assist to his stats. Newcastle fans could't hide their feelings, as they showed how much they want the team manager, Alan Pardew sacked.Tragic, but funny! Just in time to end the EPL week! 

Other Results
West Brom 1-0 West Ham
Sunderland 4-0 Cardiff City
Southampton  2-0 Everton 
Fullham 2-2 Hull City 
Swansea City 4-1 Aston Villa

Legend: PTS: Points    WON: Games Won    DRAWN: Games Drawn    LOST: Games Lost    GP: Games Played    GS: Goals Scored    GA: Goals Allowed
2Chelsea FC7836246615219456926
3Manchester City7735245615119459335
4Arsenal FC73362277125110266541
7Manchester United60351861183610356040
9Newcastle United46361441873871103957
10Stoke City443611111496325113950
11Crystal Palace43361341982852112843
12Swansea City39361091765744105152
13Hull City37351071874733113645
14West Ham United37361071963944103849
15West Bromwich Albion3635715134953684254
16Aston Villa3535981853104583653
18Norwich City3236882066622142860
20Cardiff City3036792055824123169

IMPORTANT: Just remember that Jose Mourinho has said that he doesnt car whoever the champion is.. Liverpool or Man City.. Just always remember that he flogged both the top teams twice. Bragging rights, its #DodoGangEndorsed 

Who do you think will win the EPL? Who do you think will be up against Real Madrid in the Champions League Final?

Photo Credit: Internet

Bash Alee