Monday, 8 August 2016

All Or Nothing Fitness with Dizzy: Competitions

“Guy why you like light weights?”, “Dude you should be lifting heavy”, “Light weight king”, These are all remarks that have been made about my style of lifting from people that have absolutely no idea what my goals are. Oh, there’s actually a lot more than that! 

When I’m working out, in the gym or at home I always give everything I have, when a player is said to leave everything on the pitch after a football match? Yeah that’s me in the gym. I have never admitted to being a “heavy lifter”, neither am I all about light weights, but apparently there’s some sort of competition going on that I've never know about – Unlucky me, why wasn’t I told?

Oh well, there’s an even bigger competition going on in a place none of them know about and that’s in my head. I’m always competing against myself and I always, ALWAYS try to beat me, call it self abuse or whatever. But they’d never know, and they don’t have to, because I’m all that matters to me and I’d always strive to improve myself. You should too. Do not let what others say affect your work, if it’s positive take it and see how you can incorporate it in your work. At the end of the day only you can beat you. 

Ask yourself how many of these people know where you are coming from and how many know where you are headed, the answer is most likely zero, so why should they force their personal strive for supremacy on you? You know what, I say F@#K them, do you, be you, and improve you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a light weight king or you’re a heavy weight queen (cause “as a lady you ought not to be lifting so heavy”), if at the end of every workout you can look in the mirror and smile with what you have achieved,then be proud. Lift light, lift heavy, just lift yourself up because that’s where you’re really headed.  

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