Sunday, 10 May 2015


Due to the holidays fast approaching (which has started for some people), we have decided to slash down the prices of all your favorite Dodo Gang shirts for the holiday period. So if you're purchasing a Dodo Gang shirt within the period of May 10th - July 31st, you'd get it for just #2,000 Naira. Please note that all tee-shirts will still come with a free button badge.

There will be no price discrimination against regular shirts or glow in the dark shirts, all shirts will sell for #2,000
Please note that when shopping from Konga , prices will be slightly higher due to varying delivery costs.

If you're within Lagos, Call
Bash  on +2349037030672 Or
Russel on +2348067697717

If you're in Accra, kindly use link to order online OR
Call Tunde on +233245385031.
Please note that International Exchange rates will apply.

Don't forget to enjoy your Sunday Rice and Dodo after church.
Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping people!

This message is #DodoGangEndorsed