Monday, 30 December 2013

How come no one ever comments?

We just really think its unfair that no one ever comments on our blogposts, but we know you read them. We call Dodo Gang a group of people that love to eat fried plantain, guess this blog is meant to be more interactive. Or maybe we're not even doing the right job, or our approach is bad, at least you should please let us know whats up and how we can improve ourselves to better serve & entertain you. Even Sexual Dodo too gets no comments, so we don't know what the people's opinions about it are... Hopefully they've noticed that there hasn't been any sexual dodo posts in a while. We know that a lot of ladies love to read Dodo Trendz by Amarachi on Frydays cus its gears them up on fashion for the weekend.. That too, no one comments. The DGOD videos too, we hope they brighten up your day somehow, that too, no one comments. Dodo Gang shirts too, no one said anything about them, Thank God and Thank you that they have been selling though. Your patronage is very much appreciated. We hope that we got the message across that The Un4getable Tapout 2  is coming soon to Disturb Accra in February. We posted something about that, no one commented tooo.. Basically, ever since we started this blog, we have never ever had a single comment on anything. How should that make us feel? bad? No, it only makes us want to work harder to earn your comments. So thank you very much for never ever commenting as we will keep working harder to earn your comments. We hope you like us! .. And a free T-shirt goes out to the first person who comments on our blog. Happy Holidays, Season's greetings and God bless you. New Year is in 2 days, please include ProjectDodo2014 in your prayers  as we will all progress and have a reason to smile at the end of the tunnel. Amen. Someone will comment. Amen

Basically, we'd really appreciate it if we knew what our readers think about us as that will help us progress. Please be blunt about your comments. No sugar coating, no sweet mouth cus of too much Dodo. Thank you! Remember to Make Dodo Not War!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

DGOD Episode 13: Christmas Eve

Please Watch Tunchilee & Bash Alee in DGOD Episode 13: Christmas Eve #DGOD #DodoGangOrDie 

DGOD Episode 12: 2 days to Christmas DODO

Please Watch Bash Alee in DGOD Episode 12: 2 days to Christmas DODO

Friday, 20 December 2013

The Un4getableTapout 2

Rare things rarely occur, I guess that's what makes them rare. Rarely do you ever see events that they tell you before time that you'll not forget your experience... call it un4getable. Then again, they tell you that you'll need to tapout. Dodo Gang Entertainments and Tapout Crew present to you The Un4getable Tapout 2. After succesfully executing Un4getable 1 and Tapout 1, the merger emerged and The Un4getable Tapout 2 was born. Coming soon to you in Februar2014! DisturbingAccra DodoGangnamStyle. We can't do this without remembering our niggas who played crucial roles in the first events. Rest In Peace to T-Bag & Edddie. We miss you guys and know you're safe.. Back from the other world into this world.. This party is going to be the shiznitzzzz, cus you know the biznizzzz... Bridging the gap between Ghana & Nigeria. Its not just another Ghanain party that Nigerians might not want to attend. Its not just another Nigerian party that Ghanaians might not want to show up to. Its a step towards globalization. Increased interaction. Ghanaian guys, feel free to show up and toast the green and white naija girls. Naija boys, feel free to go in for those black and gold ghana girls.. Show up and set your p's. let's know what you're about. As usual, there'll be free dodo for all, so come one and come all. bring your friends to bring their friend's friends. Show your #DodoGangnamStyle in a cool Dodo Gang tee and get to enter at a subsidized feee. February2014 #DisturbingAccra. Accra, not Legon!

DodoTrendz by Amarachi: Ear Cuffs

Continuing with our accessories series, we are moving on to ear cuffs. The ear cuff is a grunge trend from the 90s that’s been making a big comeback almost all year. Well its way past a comeback now and it’s here to stay.
However tho, ear cuffs can be a bit tricky… I mean it’s not easy to have extra embellishments that accentuate your ears without looking a little extra-terrestrial, but this little hint of weird is the whole point.
Anyways, with things like this, my advice is it’s always better to start small with basic but still daring samples and not jump straight into having chandeliers and crystals sticking out or hanging from your ears, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with that either…lol
Here are some pictures of some cool ear cuffs:

Dodo Trendz by Amarachi
Photo credit:

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

DGOD Episode 11: Bash Alee almost spoiling Christmas songs

Yeskeh! DGOD Episode 11 is here. And its Bash Alee once again. This time he's almost spoiling Christmas songs. Please Watch & Comment.. and don't forget to subscribe if you like it too. More DGOD videos coming out soon., Please keep antcipating! Season's greetings from all of us at Dodo Gang. God bless you! 
The Un4getable Tapout 2 Coming in February2014 #DisturbingAccra 

Friday, 13 December 2013

DodoTrendz by Amarachi: DODO GANGNAM STYLE

TGIF Thank God its Fryday! School's almost out, the weekend starts today. Gats shed that guard chale! Turn Up tonight! And you really don't want to turn up when you're not looking good. DodoTrendz today brings you a special ojoro edition. 

Today, we'll be focusing on Dodo Gang Tees. Yeskeh! The new tee's everyone will be talking about soon enough from your one and only Dodo Gang Entertainments. Dodo Gang Tee shirts are cool and trendy and can be worn to almost all occasions, especially business meetings only if you're the biggest boss. So we urge the biggest bosses to patronise us too. Thank you! 

Show your DodoGangnamStyle by dressing to fit your taste. The taste you love so much. The taste of Dodo. "We Love Fried plantain" is for all of us, the true lovers of fried plantain. Dodo Gang Army Arrangement is for the FelaAfricans, the Arrangey Masters. Dodo Gang shirts come in all colours and sizes and are perfect for this season's gifts, special orders can be made too... Have rock you tees out tonight, or for brunch tomorrow while you are enjoying you dodo.

You can place your orders by sending your prefered shirt design, size and colour to God bless you as you support the brand. Boost your kelewele pimping and show your #DodoGangnamStyle Chale.. Pictures of the shirt designs...

DodoTrendz by Amarachi

Photo Credit: King Sabali of the Sabali Media Group

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

We had a photoshoot!

Sexy Make Dodo Not War 

Yesterday, Monday 9th December 2013. We had a photoshoot for the new shirt designs at Ajax Park in the University of Ghana, Legon. It was a short but fun shoot. Pictures were take by King Sabali of the Sabali Media Group. Models for the shoot were Duke Edem, Tunchilee (Dodo Gang Liasons) & The beautiful Ms. Temi Melissa. Fashion Directors for the shoot were Bash Alee & Sisan.. Thank you for your continued patronage of Dodo Gang Shirts. God bless you!
Please Note that if you show up to a Dodo Gang event wearing a Dodo Gang Shirt, you get to enter at a subsidized rate in addition to the free dodo at all our events
To book any of the Dodo Gang Models, kindly send an e-mail to
King Sabali's The Bohemian Hipster's Exhibit is tomorrow, Wednesday 11th at Republic Bar, Osu #DisturbingAccra. It's 5 cedis only. This event is proudly supported by Dodo Gang. Today is also special day in world history. #DodoGangMournsMadiba. We celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. Its his memorial today in Johannesburg, the largest gathering of world leaders. Olusegun Obasanjo was spotted dripping swaaaagu in Agbada doin the 1,500 adjustement pose. If you haven't watched DGOD Episode 10: Hashtag Mandela's Obasanjo. Click here to watch. Please Subscribe to our youtube chanel.
Pictures from behind the scenes at the shoot
Bash Alee


Temi Melissa 

King Sabali

Tunchilee in Comedian mode 
Duke Edem doing the double-tuna Pose 

Dodo Gang Army Arrangement 

 Click here to view the pictures from the shoot. Please like our facebook page while youre at it. Thank you
Please Watch out for The Un4getable Tapout 2 Coming Soon February2014 #DisturbingAccra 


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Think like there's no box: Work Smart Not Hard

And there was a time the dodo will be fried.. fried so nice, there will be a twinkle in your eye. twinkle so bright...oh, so bright, brighter than the sun..soo bright it will light up your life. you'll be smiling from ear-to-ear like the yahoo messenger emoticon. you'll just be smiling anyhow, they'll think your possessed.. but Chale, don't mind them jarey.. only you knows what is bursting your head like that.. and there's only one thing that can do it so well. DODO the Ultimate! .. Golden DODO in the morning, call it golden morn. Golden DODO so gold it looks like the sun on the day that they worship the sun. Sunday!  You get over excited, you shout hurray! Listen to Hip-Hop, let them know you're Naughty by Nature, call it HipHopHurray. Get out of bed, workout and start your day.. not everyone will go to church because people are different.. There are Christians and Muslims and Budhists and Traditionial Worshippers and Atheist and the other other people that do the all the weird things we cant imagine.
    There's a free right to religion.. the right to believe in any supreme being that is bursting your head , or to believe that there's no supreme being at all, its really your choice.. and there's the right to be free to believe, believe in anything you want, the belief to be anything you can be and that's what freedom is. you should be free to dream and free yourself from mental slavery. be free to think like there's no box.
 Often we here people say "think outside the box".. but where is the box and who put it there?..The box is the mental cage that constraints your thinking process.. the one that limits you. If you believe in the existence of the box, its not bad, its still you exploring your rights to believe in anything you want to. All we're saying is don't limit yourself to a few options in life. there are so many things that you can be, why choose one? There are so many ways to do something, why choose one? If you initially chose one and it doesn't work out, then try another and another and another and another till you die.. another what? We didn't specify, because it can be another anything. Anything relative to the situation you're in. Mago Mago sef might just be it, you'll need to work smarter than you did before, doesn't mean you'll find your short cut to success, you'll just be smart enough not to fail the same way you did before. If the lyrics are not bursting her head in English, switch to french, spanish exists too.. you'll even find sexier women who speak those languages. If the dodo isn't golden brown go back and fry it well.. dont sha let it be black oh, we might just fine you for olodo cooking
    . Basically, we need to be smarter about the decisions we make in life and wonder if the things we do presently will matter tomorrow and how positively they impact  us and the people around us. We're all meant to be progressing forward not backward.. Forward ever backward never.. and that also applies to whatever situation you find yourself in. No condition is permanent, you should better your situation in everything.. add an extra weight to your bench press.. and don't be scared to try the things you fear, only then can the death of fear set in.. who ever has done it before doesn't have 2 heads.. you have 2 heads instead. yours and his.. you can study their process and modify them to work better for you. not copy copy oh, just an edge over everyone else. call it 3G.. 3G for third generational leader.. the Ultimate bad guy! Don't forget to fry your Sunday Dodo after Church. Happy Sunday and God bless you! .. Dodo Gang hopes this makes sense to you.

 The Un4getable Tapout 2 ComingSoon  February2014 #DisturbingAccra

Saturday, 7 December 2013

DGOD Episode 10: Hashtag Mandela's Obasanjo

Rest In Peace Mandela. True Legend! We should all live our lives in ways that we will always be remembered when we are gone. #DodoGangnamStyle Mandela type of lifestyle! Please Watch and Comment on DGOD Episode 10: Mandela's Obasanjo.. Don't forget to subscribe if you enjoy it. #DGOD #DodoGangOrDie 

DodoTrendz by Amarachi: Wrist Check

When we meet someone, we are most like going to shake their hands and smile or something of that sort, and you know they say first impression lasts forever. So meet people well, and leave them remembering you….kinda
It’s time for a wrist check guys… what does your watch say about you. Are you classic, sexy, practical, sporty, tough or what not.
If you are wearing a thin silver, gold or any sort of metal, it suggests that you are quite simple but elegant…lol… this watch will always bring forth how feminine and sophisticated you are.
If you have on something with a little more bling and sparkles this shows how bubbly and how exciting your personality is. You are no doubt a show stopper, because your “shine shine” will draw attention to you. Lol
Leather, especially in black, brown or any dark color shows how practical you are. Leather is not only durable, but also low maintenance. But to spice up the leather look, you can get one with metallic accents on the buckle, the face etc.
If you have on a big faced oversized watch (boyfriend watch) we are guessing you have spent too much time around your brothers…lol… but seriously, it suggests that you have a bit of a tomboy in you, but just as wearing an oversized “boyfriend” shirt is sexy, an oversized watch is even sexier.
If having a night light, lap timer, being waterproof, are important to you on a watch, your watch will most likely suggest that you are athletic. This will also cause you to be very efficient because you are constantly timing yourself.

Dodo Trendz by Amarachi
Photo credit:

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wednesday Dodo Gang Quiz: Food for thought!

Starting from today, Wednesday,11th November, 2013 and every other Wednesday afterward.. you get the chance to win amazing prices which include t-shirts, recharge cards, lunch & movie tickets from Dodo Gang Entertainments.. All you have to do is to get the question right!  Question for this week is "What does #DodoGangnamStyle mean?

Thursday, 14 November 2013


They were in bed together, The Air conditioner was on but their immediate atmosphere was hot...both sweating, panting and smiling to one another...arms around each other...not wanting to let go...
Then she turned...naked, her back to him, pulling his arms tighter around her...she could feel his Dick getting up again, she definitely would not mind some more..he was a horse, not necessarily in length even though he was at that, but his performance, Oh Gawd his Performance was definitely "IT"!..she wanted to take that ride..over and over again non stop

He kissed her neck gently, stroking her nipple with one hand, the other going into her already dripping vagina, playing wit her clitoris,
Squeezing her breasts, he adjusts her bum, She moaned, she loved it when he took charge, like He knew her body was his for the taking, Already hard as wood... He wants to go in, she does not stop him, moaning in approval.. She wanted him again, helping his dick in and moaning louder as she did...

Both on their sides, he was in her warm, wet, tight vagina, her moans were louder, as he went in and out of her faster and faster.....
Adjusting and moving her onto her breasts, not coming out, continuing to grind her, the weight of his body on her as he supports with his hands pinning down her waist,
She begins to move with his rhythm, he was hitting her pussy slow, but hard with each stroke, her moans louder with every stroke, she would definitely wake the neighbours up at this rate he pulled her hair back, smacking her bum, Harder baby, she screamed,

He rode her faster and they were in an upright position, her hands on the wall, his dick still inside her...he was going in faster..squeezing her breasts and smacking her butt as he her fingers were running thru her hair, separating and pulling it aside, she wanted him to kiss her neck...go into her ear and whisper dirty to her... He understood immediately and complied...bending her over..he fucked her hard...smacking her harder...her hands squeezing his balls as his dick did the job...then he paused and came out

Put her on the bed, on her back and spread her legs wide, and did what he had not done all night, he went in tongue first....starting from her clitoris, running his tongue on it....pulling it with his lips... Then lower to her pussy lips...eating them out...she deserved to be satisfied, he had gotten his own fair share of satisfaction this night...he wanted her to wake the neighbours...putting his finger in to support, he put his tongue in, licking and french kissing her pussy lips...she was not in the room anymore..her mind had wandered...she her hands on his head pushing him in deeper and deeper....he was happy she was happy, she wanted him..he kissed it like it was her mouth, ravaging every corner....the she burst outm..not once, not twice but three his face....Nobody needed to tell him that at this point she had gotten her satisfaction...would she still want dick, he thought to himself..then she pushed him and jumped on
Him, riding him viciously, face to the ceiling, riding him hard, her back to him ( reverse cowgirl )....
She commanded him to smack her butt..and he obeyed..rididng him continously..then she felt him burst inside her.. Then she asked him..ARE YOU SATISFIED?

Please place your orders for your Dodo Gang Shirts selling at GHc30/$15/N3,000 Only. You can place your orders by sending your shirt size, preffered colour and design to Please follow @DodoGang__ on Instagram for pictures. God bless you as you support the brand! Amen! Please leave your comments below as we tend to make the blog more interactive. Thank you! 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunday Rice and Dodo After Church

Juliet finally brought her lips closer to mine...

7:00am ....and my mother had already dragged me out of my fantasies of kissing Juliet in dream land . "Get ready for church" she yelled. I had no other option than to do as she said or else, I'd have received a slap so brief that my lips would be too numb to kiss Juliet. We had to make the 9:00am  mass, and as a family, else I'd have received another dozen slaps for being late.

7:25am ....and I was in the shower. The warm water on my body reminding me that my dodo was going to be hot and golden brown in the afternoon. NO DODO FOR ME IF I DIDN'T GO TO CHURCH! That just gingered me to wash my kporon as quickly as I could. Suddenly, I wanted to go to church! Sunday rice and DODO after church was always the best. I had a mental plan already.. It was Church! Sunday rice and DODO after church! Then I'll change into my fresh new "Dodo Gang Army" tee and use it to toast Juliet on Skype. If all goes well, we'll definitely perform Sexual Dodo Part 3 later. I like Juliet because she's trendy and, I know she reads DodoTrendz by Amarachi on Fridays and as a bahd goiz, I can definitely recommend it for other babes tooo. Don't sha be looking like Juliet at the end of the day! Ah! Juliet can fry dodo for dayssssssss.

7:32am .... Romeeeeeoooooooo! Romeeeeeeooooo! Momc was already shouting! "You know that I'll leave you if you're not ready by 8:30".... She killed my Juliet ginger again. 'Scores is 2-0 ma' I thought to myself... We always had to leave home 30 minutes before the service started so we can get a good parking space and also to sit in front, so I don't sleep while the pastor threw subs at me. Everything was almost perfect for my mother, sitting in front also meant that I wont get to chat with Juliet on my blackberry. Scores became 3-0!

7:45am... and I almost wore my Dodo Gang tee to church, I just put it on to test again, asper buff goiz, I just did 50 Push ups, I needed to see what it looked like with my pumped chest... then she entered.."Gini??" she started! "Biko, you know that you cannot wear that shirt to church with me, you better make sure you look like a gentleman. The shirt is fine, but NO WAY! Your father is calling you sha.. She stumbled out before I could say Juliet
I went to meet her husband, he wanted me to go and put his agbada and fine shoe in the car before his wife entered Stealth voltron mode.

8:15am... and a nigga was looking fresh enough to make all the girls want to be Juliet! My mother was smiling at her son, she knew the boy was dripping swaaaagu! Don't worry, I wont tell you people what I wore, you'd have to ask Juliet for that! Chale, my head burst when I saw Juliet in church, she was looking toooo nice. Too too nice,figure h'8 toh bad, skin fresh like Sunday Dodo. Uncle Sam was at arm's length once he saw Juliet. Uncle Sam the stubborn rod! .......D*ck!

9:15am....and the pastor had started throwing the regular subs. Today, he was preaching about forgiveness and then I realized that I had been keeping Mummy-Juliet scores all day.. I decided to forgive my mother and reset the scores to 0-0...ONLY after Sunday Rice & Dodo had been consumed.. It was like a Sunday ritual. Everyone anticipated it! My father especially 

11:15am...Church ended and we headed home! Once we got home, my mother knew it was time for Sunday Dodo and I knew I had to be prepared for it. So, I went to my room and put on my Dodo Gang Army shirt.. My chest and arms looking much smaller now, but I didn't mind cus I was goin to represent the shirt soon. 

12:15pm... DODO WAS READY!.. I was smiling from ear to ear, my mother had been forgiven and the scoreline had been reset. I ate the Jollof and asked for more, she smiled as she gave me an extra chicken with the rice. You already know extra dodo had to involve tooo. Another thing that made me super happy about the food was the fact that I had to wash only my plate. Thank God for younger siblings!

2:15pm.. I sat in front of my laptop, hoping to Skype with Juliet. Only then did we realize that she was  a figment of my imagination, so I decided to post this... At least I have my Sunday rice and DODO after Church to thank God and turn up for. Thank God It's Sunday! 

..... Dodo Gang Shirts are now available.. Please, place your orders for your Dodo Gang Shirts. GHc30/$15/N3,000 only. You can place your orders by sending an e-mail of your shirt size and preffered colour to or call +233540201041 Thank you! Order your #DodoGangshirts to boost your Kelewele Pimping! Please follow @DodoGang__ on Instagram for pictures  

Please, support the brand!

God bless you as you do so! Amen!

Friday, 8 November 2013

DodoTrendz by Amarachi: Nail It


 The other day we got to talking about all the little accents that can add to a look, and we

spoke about rings. Today, we are moving further down your hands all the way to your


 Nail art!!! A big rave this season. Monotone nails are sooooo long gone, and patterned

glittered up nails are here to stay.

 When we think nail art, I know sometimes it seems unachievable, but here are some

DIY tips:

• Get a fresh take on the french tips by switching out the color, instead of the usual

pink, keep it soft but fresh with nude coats and a metallic tip like silver or maybe

even black.

• Flip the french tips again and paint on a white Cresent at the base of your nails,

and color the top.

• Love the summer?? Have the sun with you all the time by coating a yellow polish

on top a blue basecoat at the base of your nails, and then lightly drag out a few

sun rays with toothpicks.

 These are a few of my own tricks, now just go out and try something. The best part is,

there's no wrong answer.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sexual Dodo: Part 2

                                                                                         Part 2

... Black boy shorts with pink lace trims at the sides.... my d!ck couldn't help but react to the sight.... my neurons sent these sexual information to my brain within micro seconds...all parts of my body reacting like never before... It was the last day of the year, and I definitely wanted a booty call to begin the New Year, so I had to hit this hard, or not hit it at all... Before I could make a decision she grabbed my d!ck and started to insert it herself, moaning as she rubbed her thumb over my D**k hole...

I Was In....

Slowly I entered her, gently, she was moist, her pussy already wet with pussy juice....I hit her, once,, twice then once that for a couple of minutes, not fast, but hard...then I thought to myself, I wasn't in the mood to satisfy her, my D!ck wouldn't do the job alone, I needed to involve my tongue in this action if I wanted her to come back for more....

So I came out of her, pushed her against the couch with one hand, bent over and put my tongue over her pussy from the back, my other hands severely ravaging her tongue went in and out of her slowly, her soft moans echoed around the living room...then I bit her pussy lips softly, she moaned even louder, her head to the ceiling, her hands on her nipples... then I started to eat her out...non stop...deeper..not missing out any bit of her pussy, I turned her over, my fingers working her breasts, her hands on my head, pushing my face deeper into her pussy....she screamed even louder...The neighbors could definitely hear us now and I'm sure they know my name ...then she came!! I put my head out and two fingers in....

I bent her knees forward towards her face and put my dodo-shaped-wood in her, this time faster, non stop, for as long as she could last, she was wet allover, screaming and talking dirty at the same time..."don't stop" - she continually screamed... after about 3 minutes of non stop action she came again, the look on her face....Classic! ..she was all smiles..but I wasn't satisfied...all I wanted this first time was her satisfaction...I would get mine in the New Year... "hope this wont be the last time" she muttered in a low tone....I assured her that it would not...

Kindly drop your comments and watch out for Part 3 next Week #DodoGangnamStyle 

Friday, 25 October 2013

DodoTrendz by Amarachi: BLING BLING!

Hi guys... I hope we are all amped up for the weekend. Ever heard the saying tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean?
 Starting this week ,we are big on all the tiny accents that take our outfits to the next level. 
 Let's start with rings!!! (not engagement rings... lol). These almost looked over accessory is a perfect way to add some attitude to any outfit. Add some sparkles, bling and even edge to your outfit with rings. 
  Be cute with rings that have flowery accents and sparkles. Edge out with hard metal and skulls. Channel your zodiac signs, are you a Leo, Scorpio or Pisces?. Wear them anyway you want, spread them across your fingers, stack them or even midi rings are very versatile.
 So tonight when we dress up for whatever it is we have to dress up for, don't over think it, slip on that ring you've always over looked. No!!! It's not too much. Thank God its Fryday! TURN UP!

DodoTrendz by Amarachi 

Photo credit :,  Tosin Dada , Amarachi Nlemigbo 

Saturday, 19 October 2013


Some of us may have already heard about the Ghana fashion and design week that took place last weekend. This was a platform for African designers to showcase their work and celebrate the art of fashion. 

Some of the designers present included the likes of Trish O Couture, TAP, Modella B, Gloria Adablah, Akoah Tsibo-Takyi, 1981 just to mention a few. All the designers had something fresh to offer as they all dazzled the runway with their fun and interesting play of different fabrics, textures and print. 

Here are some pictures from the event:

Dodo Trendz by Amarachi