Thursday, 25 August 2016

Recap on Too Much Talk Episode 2: True Love: The Musical

The Episode started with the talkatives expressing how happy they were to be back with the listeners again, asked if they enjoyed the last episode and asked for their interaction, support and feedback on all platforms.

Then, Nkiru started talking about food which we all love and the talkatives dropped our insights on our favorite food. Weird enough, Bash talked about an interesting human flesh that is very pleasurable to eat. Dipo also gave the best food combination ever that left the talkatives drooling with imagination.

Dipo then went ahead to talk about the Olympics, praising the Nigerian Basketball team for carrying yam and for Divine Oduru's social media performance. The Talkatives also discussed the attitude of all  the Nigerian athletes at the Olympics on social media and how they only seemed to be turning up.

This discussion led to talking about the manner in which House of Representatives member Dino Melaye has been flaunting his wealth and lifestyle on social media especially when he is turning up at social functions. Then the Talkatives further proceeded into corruption, EFCC and revealing what departments they would like to be contribute if they worked at EFCC. Very interesting choices!

As Talkatives do, they somehow stumbled upon Love which was discussed at length and led to each of the talkatives giving out their bits not leaving out bits of their experiences from previous experiments. Nkiru was pronounced 'The Love Doctor' from this due to the nature of the in-debt knowledge she had to share about love, hurt and relationships. She admitted to craving that Zee-World type of love.

The Talkatives rounded up the episode by discussing new releases; music, movies and stage plays. They also asked for interactions, suggestions and support from their listeners as they had dodo waiting for them in the kitchen and really had to go.

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