Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sexual Dodo: Part 2

                                                                                         Part 2

... Black boy shorts with pink lace trims at the sides.... my d!ck couldn't help but react to the sight.... my neurons sent these sexual information to my brain within micro seconds...all parts of my body reacting like never before... It was the last day of the year, and I definitely wanted a booty call to begin the New Year, so I had to hit this hard, or not hit it at all... Before I could make a decision she grabbed my d!ck and started to insert it herself, moaning as she rubbed her thumb over my D**k hole...

I Was In....

Slowly I entered her, gently, she was moist, her pussy already wet with pussy juice....I hit her, once,, twice then once that for a couple of minutes, not fast, but hard...then I thought to myself, I wasn't in the mood to satisfy her, my D!ck wouldn't do the job alone, I needed to involve my tongue in this action if I wanted her to come back for more....

So I came out of her, pushed her against the couch with one hand, bent over and put my tongue over her pussy from the back, my other hands severely ravaging her tongue went in and out of her slowly, her soft moans echoed around the living room...then I bit her pussy lips softly, she moaned even louder, her head to the ceiling, her hands on her nipples... then I started to eat her out...non stop...deeper..not missing out any bit of her pussy, I turned her over, my fingers working her breasts, her hands on my head, pushing my face deeper into her pussy....she screamed even louder...The neighbors could definitely hear us now and I'm sure they know my name ...then she came!! I put my head out and two fingers in....

I bent her knees forward towards her face and put my dodo-shaped-wood in her, this time faster, non stop, for as long as she could last, she was wet allover, screaming and talking dirty at the same time..."don't stop" - she continually screamed... after about 3 minutes of non stop action she came again, the look on her face....Classic! ..she was all smiles..but I wasn't satisfied...all I wanted this first time was her satisfaction...I would get mine in the New Year... "hope this wont be the last time" she muttered in a low tone....I assured her that it would not...

Kindly drop your comments and watch out for Part 3 next Week #DodoGangnamStyle 

Friday, 25 October 2013

DodoTrendz by Amarachi: BLING BLING!

Hi guys... I hope we are all amped up for the weekend. Ever heard the saying tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean?
 Starting this week ,we are big on all the tiny accents that take our outfits to the next level. 
 Let's start with rings!!! (not engagement rings... lol). These almost looked over accessory is a perfect way to add some attitude to any outfit. Add some sparkles, bling and even edge to your outfit with rings. 
  Be cute with rings that have flowery accents and sparkles. Edge out with hard metal and skulls. Channel your zodiac signs, are you a Leo, Scorpio or Pisces?. Wear them anyway you want, spread them across your fingers, stack them or even midi rings are very versatile.
 So tonight when we dress up for whatever it is we have to dress up for, don't over think it, slip on that ring you've always over looked. No!!! It's not too much. Thank God its Fryday! TURN UP!

DodoTrendz by Amarachi 

Photo credit :,  Tosin Dada , Amarachi Nlemigbo 

Saturday, 19 October 2013


Some of us may have already heard about the Ghana fashion and design week that took place last weekend. This was a platform for African designers to showcase their work and celebrate the art of fashion. 

Some of the designers present included the likes of Trish O Couture, TAP, Modella B, Gloria Adablah, Akoah Tsibo-Takyi, 1981 just to mention a few. All the designers had something fresh to offer as they all dazzled the runway with their fun and interesting play of different fabrics, textures and print. 

Here are some pictures from the event:

Dodo Trendz by Amarachi 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Sexual Dodo: Part 1

                                                                             Part 1

The whole day was dull, the weather not helping much, hot and dry, felt like hell without the fire...then I decided to take a stroll in my already 'fore-thought boring estate.....and then I saw HELL FIRE in human me, she had the fire....She was blazing hot, from head to toe, natural curls on the top of her head, plain white vest, black shorts and sandals....seems like she was out taking one of those 'I'm so bored, and PHCN is messing up' strolls..

I continued to stare without caution as I walked by, She was definitely looking at me from behind her shades and singing to herself "dude, u cant see past ma shades"...I didn't care though, I didn't want this to end as eye candy.....she looked to sweet to leave to rot or let another guy eat up that I turned around and I'm like hey sweety, whats really good ( I forgot I was back in Nigeria and she was obviously gonna form), and yes she didn't disappoint, She def dulled, but my aim was to get her 'feeling the boy'

So we sat on a random carn got talking, then she let her guard down when I let out my famous line, ( when I blurted out to her my profession) they always fall for that, then the tables turned, she started to ask the questions, random ones at that.....Then out of the blues she spat it out "I'M SO HORNY" my reaction -----> O_O

'Well lets go over to mines' I said, she followed me like a disciple....we got to my place, I poured out some rose wine (my favourite) for both of us, and we continued to talk, flirt at this point anyways, then I sat next to her, my arm on the couch behind her neck, she was definitely warming up by house 'smelled' of sex...
then she put her sexy, red nails painted, fingers on my bulge ( yes I was hard, wouldn't u be?) and squeezed it softly,I smiled to myself...but this had to be quick, the parents would soon be back home

Then she put her glass down and whispered into my ear, "please tell me u have a condom"...."of cos hunny, wanna wear it on for me" i replied. She got on her knees, zipped my jeans down and put her mouth to it.....slowly at first, teasing the tip of my caressing her hair, face to the ceiling,( yes it was that good ).....

Then she stopped, stood up and faced the couch, pulled her shorts down, revealing her black and pink boy shorts....LINGERIE HEAVEN!! or so I thought to myself.... 

... The Story continues next week. Please look out for #Fryday by Dodo Gang #DisturbingAccra coming soon! Thank you! Happy Fryday

Friday, 4 October 2013

Fryday DodoTrendz with Amarachi


This week we will be focusing on sunglasses. I'm sure sunglasses don't come to the top of our minds when we think accessories...but this is sooooo not the case.

From good old cool aviators and wayfarers, to the more vintage cat eye and round framed glasses or just plain fun heart-framed glasses, we can always have fun with sunglasses (sunnies/shades). 

Get a flirty feel with the sexy cat eye, or rock and roll with a pair of wayfarers or even play it cool with aviators. Add patterns, color block your frames, and even rock some cool embellishments, any way you want to go sunnies are a must have.
2 n. 3

Sunnies are not only cool, but they  also have great practical uses. They not only make you look and feel good, but they protect your eyes from the sun's UV rays. They eliminate that weird feeling you get in your head from squinting all day, and it's a quick remedy to a great night out but a dreadful hangover. They also frame your face and draw attention to your lips so you can show off all your cool shades of lipstick.

So protect your eyes in style, and look good doing it

Sexual Dodo

Just cause its FrydayFr
You walk into the room and I’m laying in bed, candles and soft music playing in the background, you stand in the door completely shocked. I’m lying in our bed and I have that look on my face that you know so well… I’m Horny and I want you… MY way…. I’ve been waiting all day for this.

A slow smile crosses your face as you take in the sight in front of you. I’m in a thin lace lingerie piece you got me two days ago, black and purple with little silk ribbons. You can make out the line of ma body, from the curves of my breasts to my hips, with black suspenders on and my ‘come and get me’ 4 inch heels, my hair nicely done, not a hair out of place held up by a single hair clip, light make-up just the way you like it… my body is glistering against the candle light and I slowly rise from the bed and walk towards you… I ask you to sit down and help you with your tie and jacket, I help you take off everything but your briefs and I can already see your huge dick standing, poking out wanting to be touched, but I’m a tease, I want to take my time with this...

I walk to the middle of our room and started swaying to the music, giving you a personal strip tease, swinging my hips from side to side, letting you see all my curves. I turn my back to you and bend over to touch my toes to give you a wonderful view of my round bum….I’ve been stretching all day getting ready for your surprise. Baby tonight I plan on making all your fantasies come true…. I slowly start taking off my heels, and then I take the clip out ma hair and let my hair fall over my shoulders... I walk towards you, give you a gentle kiss on your lips… you don’t want to pull away but I have to pace myself as much as I’m craving you, I gently ask you to help me take off my bra…

I turn around and feel your fingers across my back… I feel like my body is on fire, I’m completely wet at this moment, seeing you in a suit did it the first time, just kissing you I had to hold back a moan…..but I’m using every muscle in my body to not turn around and kiss you till I can’t breathe….
You start kissing my shoulders from the back and squeezing my juicy ass… my bra falls to the floor and my boobs are free and bouncy, you turn me around and trail kisses down my neck, to my breasts. You take your time here, you start sucking on my nipples and with your other hand you caressing my other nipple… you go on ur knees and pull my lace knickers down and I step out of them… with now only my suspenders on… you slip ur fingers in between my legs and discover my wetness.. you look up at me and I blush…I lose my breath as u slip a finger in … but you want more… and so do I .

I lead you to the bed you ask me to lay down… My body quivers as your lips trace my thighs; your kisses slowly make their way to my waiting pussy, your tongue exploring every inch of me possible. With every lick my body trembles, vibrates with pleasure. I moan deeply, pulling your mouth close to my hot lips. My body is racked with pleasure as my juices spill over and I orgasm. You grip my thighs as you move your tongue up my trembling body. Your tongue finds my nipples and teases them until I beg for more.

I can feel your hard cock against my pussy; you pull me in close and kiss me deeply. I push you down on the bed, I want to take control and drive you nuts… your thick dick is standing; I place myself right on top of you and slowly let the head of your cock slip into me then slowly out again… I watch the expression of your face as you feel my heat, I’m teasing you with my hot wet pussy, I let you in once again, let you fill me up, I start riding you, nice and slowly, you raise your hips to feel every wall, to respond to every move I make, your hands reach up and squeeze my breasts, moaning out my name… I’m moving faster now… up and down, in and out… your looking straight into my eyes telling me you love me, not to stop…I won’t… you want more.. you flip me over and kiss me deeply I moan, not wanting to stop riding u wanting that dick but you want to be in control… you bite on my neck as you slide into my hot wet pussy. You begin pulling in and out, savouring the intense friction. I tighten myself around you and you moan as your body starts to tremble from the pleasure. You begin you slam harder and harder into me, each thrust electrifying our bodies. I raise my hips to meet yours as you thrust deeply into me. I know what you want though… so I turn around and push my big juicy ass towards you… you re-enter me from the back, and I can feel all over you… every inch of your wonderful thick dick fills me up… I beg you for more... calling out your name. Your breath begins to quicken and your moans grow louder as my hot pussy contracts around your hard cock. You thrust deeper and deeper, causing my body to shake with orgasm. You moan as your juices shoot into my waiting pussy, and our bodies convulse as we ride our orgasms together….

You hug me as we come down from that intense experience, whispering in my ear how much you love me and how much you missed me…you squeeze me tight as we fall asleep…