Tuesday, 16 August 2016

All Or Nothing Fitness With Dizzy: DON'T EAT CARBS


The enemy? What a joke of a statement and extremely misleading. I've read a lot on how much you need to cut out carbs while you're trying to lose fat, and most of the methods just seem all wrong, terribly wrong, I'd cut right to the chase. Run far away from anyone that tells you carbs are the enemy. I really don’t think there are “bad foods”, but for the purpose of this article I’ll distinguish between “Good and Bad”.

There are good carbs (complex carbohydrates), these aid in fat loss as they are slow to digest and require more energy to digest them and are also more filling, so you get satisfied and have less cravings after eating them. While the "bad carbs"(simple carbs), the “bad gang” you should be warned about while trying to cut down body fat.

 These "bad carbs" spike up your insulin immediately after taking which will give immediate energy, but are absorbed just as quickly and normally would result to fat stores, there's a lot of science to it, but I usually write in plain English for all of us to get the basic scope. So basically, these so called bad carbs will inadvertently cause you to store up fat in the long run and that you do not need. Then there are also the fibrous carbs with could be negligible in terms of effect and spiking of the insulin.

So which foods are in the category of the complex carbs? Well don't look too far;
Yams, potatoes, brown rice, beans, whole wheat bread, e.t.c.
The foods in the category of the simple carbs, well you guessed it; soda, added sugar, syrup,  candy, white rice, white pasta, e.t.c.

While trying to shed body fat, it's important that you make healthy choices. Those that will get you closer to your goals faster. Substitute the simple carbs for complex carbs.
By the way this does not give us a reason to overload on complex carbohydrates, it still has to be kept in check.


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