Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Solange Hit Combo Part 2 featuring Gay Z & Bash Alee

DGOD Episode 18 Part 2! Please Watch the second part  of  Bash Alee's banter on Solange & Jay Z's elevator quickie in 'Solange Hit Combo Part 2.' We hear that there might just be a part 3 featuring the whole gang, not confirmed yet, But stay tuned goiz! #DodoGang


DGOD Episode 18: Solange Hit Combo featuring Gay Z... Part 1

Please Watch Dodo Gang's Bash Alee shed light on the Solange & Jay Z fight in DGOD Episode 18: Solange Hit Combo featuring Gay Z.  Jay Z was trying to look pretty in that video..  Part 2 of Bash Alee's view wi be released later today, Please stay tuned!

What do you think about the fight? What do you think caused the fight? What do you think about Bash Alee's view on the fight?.... And don't you forget to look out for Part 2 later today. #DodoGang. Please leave your comments and don't forget to subscibe on youtube. Thank you!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dodo Trendz: Tank Tops & Tee-Shirts: BACK IN STOCK GOIZ!

Just in time for the Dodo Gang Selfie Olympics, your favorite Dodo Gang khacks have been restored to Gangland. So be sure to always contact us to upgrade your kelewele pimping swaaaaaagu. New Designs are also available with more new designs coming soon. Keep Calm and Fry Plantain while we Make Dodo Not War, be sure to tell the world that We Love Fried Plantain by showing your #DodoGangnamStyle. Happy Weekend Goiz! Play hard before you have to get back to work! Pimping Price: Tank top- Ghc25 /Tee-shirt- Ghc35/ Sweatshirt-GHc 70/ +233540201041 to order shirts in Ghana/ +2348035214435 to order shirts in Nigeria. Every other country should e-mail goiz: dodogang13@gmail.com. Follow us on Instagram @dodogangnamstyle.If you like us, then please like us on Facebook. www.facebook.com/DodoGangEnt. Subscribe on YouTube too www.youtube.com/user/DodoGangEnt. Thank you for the support. Please leave all other enquiries in the comment box. #DGOD #DodoGangArmyArrangement

DodoTrendz: For the love of fried plantain