Thursday, 22 August 2013

DGOD Episode 9: Odi: Dodo Gang Endorsed

DGOD's are back! Sorry for the break in transmition... this is DGOD Episode 9 and it features Dodo Gang's Odi, on this he drops a quick freestyle.. hope you love it, don' forget to drop your comments and look out for new DGOD Episodes! Enjoy! #DodoGang


Tuesday, 20 August 2013


New Trippy Music from Dodo Gang's BowTie & War-Lu called BatManFlow. Interesting BatManFlow on this track. Please Download here and dont forget to drop your comments. Thank you! #DodoGangnamStyle

Saturday, 17 August 2013


Thursday 25th July 2013: DODOGANG: A new tradition is born. 

It started off as a regular Thursday, @HeDGAFKTA ,DGOD liasion was hanging with some homies, affiliates of the gang... Some errands had to be run, soon after they were done, @obie_wan_kenobi came through in the spaceship I say that cos he’s eyes said it all, my ni**a was HIGH flying. Driving round the city of ABJ looking for the next thing to do. Listening to Pusha T –Wrath of Caine. I don’t smoke anymore and I wanted to be #OnMyLevel so shit alchy baby! To be precise Bombay baby..and it was said then and there ‘hence forth it shall be called Bombay Thursdays, and this became the law’  #BombayThursday was born. Bombay coped, shot glasses coped, OJ location the garden of Afro Asia; sounds exotic don’t it the words of Wiz Khalifa "drinking Bombay so im slizzard" ;) #DisturbingAbuja
brought to u by DODOGANG - @DodoGang_  @HeDGAFKTA 

PAUSEBombay Thursdays by Dodo Gang starts in September, Every 2nd Thursday of the month, we'll gather to misbehave a little at Krysty's Lounge East Legon  #DisturbingAccra. More Details also coming soon! #DodoGangnamStyle 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Plantain Nutrient Information

Plantain Nutrient Information

Plantains that are on the less ripe side, and which are still considered starches, are the more healthy of the various types of plantains. These foods provide an excellent source of carbohydrates when mashed up and boiled or cooked in some other fashion. They are also naturally low in sugar, sodium and fats of various types. They provide a good amount of dietary fiber and will also give a number of other nutrients and health benefits as well.
Ripened plantains do contain a bit more sugar than their unripe counterparts. They are lower in carbohydrates that are starchy and a staple food in nature. However, the sugars that they have are generally beneficial to your body; they are much easier to digest than processed and refined sugars, making ripe plantains a healthy alternative to many other types of sweet foods.

Plantain Health Risks

Plantains themselves are generally very healthy and should not be considered a diet buster. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you include plantains in every meal that you eat while on your diet. First, plantains are typically cooked in order to be made edible. While this is often times a healthy way to eat these fruits, plantains are occasionally fried. When this is the case, the oils and butter that are used for frying the plantain contribute to a much higher fat content, higher sodium, higher calorie levels and much more. This quickly begins to outweigh the benefits of eating plantains.
Therefore, if you plan to eat plantains as part of your diet and hope to use them to help lose weight, be very cognizant of how the plantains that you’re eating are prepared. If you find that plantains are fried, try to avoid them except in very small portions. Generally, opt for the starchy version of plantains for a set of nutrients that doesn’t contain excess sugar.
For more information, speak with a nutritionist about how plantains can help or hurt your diet strategy and contribute to weight loss. #DodoGangEndorsed