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Music Mondays with Femi Samuel: Gold by AdekunleGold album review

Artiste: AdekunleGold
Album: Gold
Label: YBNL Nation
First, stating the fact that Olamide is king; it's really crazy how one person can make an unknown alternative act blow up in less than two years in a country that is trotted with the kpangolo sound. Olamide believed in AdekunleGold and assisted him to carve a niche in the music industry. Coming off as a superstar act with the success of the highly regarded One Direction "Story Of My Life" cover,Sade with further huge songs that have messages in their lyrics like Pick Up, Orente and Ready. 

The album opens with a very touching intro "Gold" that sets your mind as to what to expect from the album. It is a short story of how his musical journey started. He signifies this by saying "he is made of gold". Followed with the next track on the album, "My Life" that has batta drums in it, more like the new dance-along-Fuji-type-of-song, and of course praising God; telling all nay sayers to quit hating and forget about what he is doing. The bridge of this song is also really dope as it is well written, arranged and of course has a catchy hook.
The next track "Beautiful Night" is actually the down side of the album for me. It's just too typical with the content, there's nothing exciting about the song but it's decent all the same. The /ka Jo ma rocky/ old school infused hook saved the song. There's just a seemingly nice link between the follow up track "Orente" which sets in motion the romantic input he tries to paint in the album.

Track 5; "Nurse Alabere a massive record produced by the super talented  "Pheelz" is one of the major highlights on the album. The content is 100%; a heartbroken Adekunle who wants his heart to be mended by a certain Nurse Alabere. Lol. Friendzone is up next, also produced by Pheelz is one of my best songs on the album; somewhat an alternative-kpangolo record with carefree lyrics and funny storyline. 

Paradise is also another romantic song on the album with AdekunleGold stating that he would die on the line /ibi ni ma ku sii/ if it meant that the girl in question would be his in the end. A decent love letter in my opinion which expresses how much the girl means to him. The only song with a feature with on the album "No Forget" shows the huge chemistry between AdekunleGold and his rumored boo, Simi (who mixed and mastered the album) ; with both showing how great they are vocally. Simi obviously delivers over the Oscar laced beat, the maestro behind her break out single "Tiff". 

The next two tracks that sit beside each other on the album are clearly the result of a top notch creative direction on this jewel body of work; tracks 9 & 10. Pick Up and Work. The idea behind these songs would come to stipulate the fact that AdekunleGold is a fantastic song writer; Pickup which is already a highly regarded record in the country as it was number 1 for weeks just had a competition with its better half "Work". Decent kicks and mild drums on this record topped with the content which personifies animals with the basic reality of life in the well-written lyrics. /Swagger Ko n se fun o le/ with the relationship /cut your coat according to your size/ which settles the fact that one must "Work" for baba God to "Pick up" your call.

The next song "Temptation" starts off with a soft rock vibe to it. AdekunleGold takes us to church with his vocal dexterity. The content of this record shows the wicked vices of life that leads to betrayal and shows how a simple man like AdekunleGold doesn't give in, in order not to have strange results. The stand out reggae-like record on the album, "Ariwo Kowhich is also my favorite song on the album is nothing short of mediocrity. Simi also delivers with the Indian smooth sounds and additional vocals fused with further strings to add flavour to this amazing record. The content states that it doesn't pay to be proud, no need to loud anything unjustly, do what you have to do and keep it moving with saying  that "empty barrels make the loudest noise".

Track13, "Fight for you" is a laid back effort from Adekunle, he almost delivers like he doesn't feel the need to impress on the record. Trying so hard to hate on the next track "Ready" was just a way of people heaping up the pressure on AdekunleGold to put out an album. But we can't lie that "Ready" is also a very good song; regardless of its monotonous sound with that of Pick Up. All the same, it's still a wonderful song. Track 15 was produced by the indigenous highlife producer "Masterkraft"; the entire package of this song wasn't just meant to happen. Nothing worked on this record, AdekunleGold didn't deliver on this highlife beat, and he was even so confused as to what lyrics to record to this beat. He was all over the place. Another feature on this album could have helped the song. I believe  he should have enlisted the help of "Flavour". Thank God it's the second to the last song on the album, so it won't be noticed at all. And the album draws to a close with the fan favorite "Sade" the song that set the motion for this massive talent to put his mark in history, brilliant record.

Gold Album is a well-produced album which had proper co-ordination and direction. Listening to this album is a pleasure; the imageries that the album paints in the minds of the listeners through the excellent story lines are really impressive. It really takes a lot be a decent performer & a talented artiste. AdekunleGold is a complete artiste. Not just the hype. Open your heart to listen to this album the creativity is top notch; Sean Tizzle failed us with his debut body of work. But AdekunleGold has come to save the day. Long live alternative music amidst the kpangolo sound.

I rate this album 8/10

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  1. Nice review. Good use of words. I would surely listen to some songs on the album to see if I agree with your views on it