Monday, 29 December 2014

Bash Aleee's performance at Hip Hop Meets Spoken Word

Please Watch Bash Aleee's performance from the December edition of Hip Hop Meets Spoken Word in Accra, Ghana. #DodoGangEndorsed

Sunday, 21 December 2014

DGOD Episode 19: Christmas Giveaway

Indi Christmas spirit, Boxing Day came early this year and will last for 10 days. You even get to know what your present is, the only twist is that you're the one that will have to go and get it. Just a small token to appreciate your support, we're giving out Dodo Gang button badges for free from today, December 21st- December 31st, 10 days, we'd be counting down to the New Year together. And in the New Year, you still get to wear button badges cus every Dodo Gang shirt purchased in the New Year will come with a free button badge. To get a button badge, you'd have to find Bash, he explains further in DGOD Episode 19

Pictures of the badges

Bash Aleee

Saturday, 20 December 2014

New Mixtape: Random Thoughts 2: Life of the Misunderstood by Dope LRB

Over a month ago, we premiered the video to DopeLRB's Theories of the real ft. Bucho Dego (watch video here ) and told you goiz that it was the lead single to something. Well, that something has finally dropped at its DopeLRB's Random Thoughts 2: Life of Misunderstood.
The Wait is Finally Over , This Artist is one of those who doesn't quit but makes sure he puts out a tape every year. This er just ike every other one, he's here with 'Random Thoughts 2: Life of the Misundestood. The title is self explanatory if you ask me. DopeLRB has desrcibed this mixtape as him being "TRANSPARENT". And with amazing songs  like Curse of The Gifted & A Thug'sTears, you can see how message he's trying to pass through. Production credits include A-Wal, Aleyi, DopeLRB, 808CR, King Sabali,Goononthetrack & UIM.


Enjoy & Download the mixtape. Please support good music
Random Thoughts 2: Life of The Misunderstood is #DodoGangEndorsed

Bash Aleee

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bash Aleee is Mr. Durexxx

New skit from voicenote artist Bash Aleee. Kindly listen and download here. He also dumped 2 skits on us advertising our new shirts from the Glow Indi Dark Collection which drops in January 2015, be sure to listen and download them using ths link, Bash Aleee on Soundcloud January 2015, Parts 1 & 2. Please share your thoughts on Bash Aleee as you expect more material from him in the nearest future.  Mr. Durexxx is #DodoGangEndorsed

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Bash Aleee: Power Show

Happy New Audio skit from voicenote artist Bash Aleee. He calls this one Power Show. Kindly listen and download here. Be sure to follow Bash Aleee on soundcloud to stay tuned for more voicenotes and other materials. Please leave your comments indi comments section and don't forget about our new shirts from The Glow Indi Dark Collection which drops in January 2015. Power Show by Bash Aleee is #DodoGangEndorsed. Thanks for listening.