Tuesday, 11 October 2016

All On Nothing Fitnes with Dizzy: Simplicity

Hello, yeah it’s been a while, we all know about a few of the challenges I have been having with my phone screen getting smashed and change of environment and all of the changes I have had to adapt to within the last couple of months or so… Or we don’t? Well now we do. Anyways I am not here to talk about my problems… Or maybe I am.

Simplicity. Simplicity. I want to talk about simplicity. In workouts, in diets, in supplementation, in life. Using simple methods and basic methods is often underrated, maybe it is for the reason that it is indeed so simple that makes it most ignored.

A lot of people do not believe that something as simple as getting enough sleep can help you lose weight or gain strength. People don’t believe that eating simple meals may be the key to achieving their goals. You dare not tell some people that a simple change to their lifestyle is probably all they need to do.

Now, kind of simple changes can you make to aide you in your fitness goals? Drinking a lot of water can be one. Just because it is cliché does not mean it does not work, It definitely does. Have I already mentioned getting enough sleep? Oh I have!

How about little short walks every now and again, some might say, OH PLEASE! But you would be surprised. Extremes, excuse me while I jump to extremes, Extremes like starving yourself just to lose weight, or long hours on the treadmill and other cardio machines, Lifting heavy too soon etc, Rome as they say was not built in a day, but I guess I can’t bash you guys for trying! STOP IT. It becomes counterproductive and highly unsustainable. So back to simplicity, my advice is to keep things simple, set simple realistic targets and use simple realistic methods to reach the goal. Oh, and Give it time.
Unfortunately I can’t write it all in this post, hence it becomes long and boring, so if you need a simple plan, and steps to reaching your desired goals then don’t hesitate to ask. Cheers!

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Monday, 10 October 2016

Music Mondays With Femi Samuel: Redemption EP by Burna Boy Review


A child is given birth to, every day of the week; but a standout child is easily recognized where the lots of them are gathered, either because of the child's background, or the simple achievements and accolades the child has. This project backs up this fact, as Burna boy finally decided to settle down, and take the music-making side of his art seriously and decided to go home. To Aristocrat records so he could blend-in with his favorite tutors. And finally get Leriq produce records for him again. This brilliant Ep is that which showcased the prominent factor that distinguished Burna boy from the others, when he first came onto the music industry.

A simple-confessional project, which he thinks aloud, as he takes us through his personal struggles, the price that came with the fame, and of course just being the real guy that just wants to have fun, and make good music. The Ep is just 7tracks long, and were all produced by the number one guy from the get go of his "Leaving An Impact For Eternity” Album, Leriq... /call the paramedic/. And the artistic direction was handled by his previous record label executives (Peedi & Kay) of Aristocrat Records.

Opening the album is "pree me" which is a slow tempo tune, that just has great vibes to it, and fuses well with the drums and kicks in it; which is topped off with the brilliant lyrical content. Track2 "fa so lati do" has this old school feel to it. It has the snapping Fingers plugins in it, a decent sing-along type of record. The Don gorgon switches his style up a little with the next track "Boshe Nlo" which is the standout song on this Ep. Here, we see how talented Burna is, with his songwriting skills whose outcome has the capability of relating to every corner of the society.

 This track is followed with "Mary Jane" which is the lowest point on this Ep; He didn't actually find the right melody to this type of tune, and fell-off as he tried to create the needed picture in this song. Track4 body to body is another brilliant piece of work on this Ep. It showed how versatile Burnaboy can be. The melody on this record was simply blissful to hear. The presence of the choir additional vocals also made this record a really solid one.

 The Ep almost draws to a close with "plenty song" as Burnaboy takes us to the time, he serenaded us with the Rockstar & Don gorgon sound... but here he showed off his bragging rights, as to how he has matured and nurtured his craft from the previous sound he blessed us with. The album draws to a close with the perfectly written "We On" that exhibited how international the Burna boy sound can really be, and how original his content is. And Of course how spot-on he gets the right bars to the verses, where he decides to lay back his delivery, to where he picks up his flow with the singing, a commendable way to end the Ep.

The whole content is a top notch one. It doesn't get boring at any point. Leriq's production was a 100% on so many levels; with the matured beats and great melodies from the keyboard.

I rate this EP  4/5.

Femi Samuel @Femi_RichNation on Twitter.