Monday, 26 September 2016

Music Mondays With Femi Samuel: 5 New Music Videos You Should See

The main purpose of visuals to a song is somewhat undermined in this part of the world with our music industry's refusal to take the music videos which they put out and place on rotation seriously. A huge shout out to the set of artistes & video directors that put in work to create amazing music videos. Here is a review of 5 of the latest music videos out now.

Banky W: “Gidi Love”
Director: Banky W
Banky W released the visuals to this lovely tune which was the soundtrack of Femi Odugbemi's romantic movie "Gidi Love" starring the likes of Gideon Okeke & the legendary Bukky Wright. The video was shot on location in New York to be precise and had its primary setting in a court room. A very hilarious video that was spot-on with its storyline and content. Everyone felt comfortable in the video; from the actors to the extras and Banky W. It was very exciting to watch, the performers in this video were hilarious from the start to finish. The best feature had to be the scene were Hauwa Allahbura of the Gidi Love fame walked-in during the court session which was a breathtaking sight as she was ravishing in her orange dress which made the court room to stop and stare which was appropriate as it blended well with the lyrics of the song.

Kiss Daniel: “Sin City”
Director: HG2 FILMS
When Kiss Daniel decided to include Sin City on his debut album "New Era", it already felt as if he had major plans for the song's video with the song's content. In the visuals to this record, we see Kiss Daniel performing on the streets of a downtown American city. The location where this video was shot links appropriately with the lyrics to the song. It might not be an original concept with the output but it had a decent story line to it.

Koker: “Give Dem”
Director: Director Q
In Give Dem, we see Koker going from being a regular diner kitchen staff that had to deal with a nagging and difficult boss, to being the Star boy everyone loves and admires. Koker was nicely dressed in all the scenes, as he connected well with the eye-catching video vixens that were looking really good. We also see a well-orchestrated choreography performance in the video with everyone being on the beat and sticking to the script. Director Q definitely did a good work with the pre-production and post production of this video as it was crispy clear to watch. It had the distinctive feature as the title of the song "Give Dem" which was personified by burgers and fries that were served to the customers.

 P Square: “Bank Alert”
Director: Clarence Peters
Everyone's favorite twins are finally on rotation once again on our television screens with this comedic drama music video, which had notable Nollywood actor Mr. IBU and the legendary Onyeka Onwenu starring in it. A really nicely done typical P-square kind of music video; it had the required props in it. It also depicted the grass to grace story of having to fly in a private jet, then moving into their own mansion. The choreographers were also dressed in their individual traditional attires, as they created a picture of the cultural greatness that can be associated to the sound of this record.

Lola Rae: “One Time”
Director: Clarence Peters
Pretty face Lola Rae is back on the scene with the visuals to her previously released reggae tune "one time". This song and video has been accepted into the music industry on a friendly note but is subject to scrutiny with the fact that this record has similarities with the melody and beat of Tiwa Savage's Wanted jam. The video has an innocent-looking Lola Rae getting into character as she possessed the persona of a rude-gal with naughty mannerism. It also featured dancers and models, which were rightly placed in the video as they displayed some theatrics. The club scene had decent angles with its shoot-technique and proper lightings.

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