Tuesday, 13 September 2016

All Or Nothing Fitness With Dizzy: Pump It Up


Hello people, don’t we just love a good pump? I really do not understand why many bodybuilders love to focus on their chest and arms. I guess they’ve given up hope of ever reducing their belly fat, so they rather make the chest protrude to cover the tummy.

Oh my! I might be on to something here.  Ha! Another could be the fact that these parts are the most “visible” and often used as a scale to measure strength in some fitness worlds (not mine though). Then again, perhaps the most logical is the feeling it brings, the amazing pump and satisfaction of the chest and arms growing as you lift.

 These muscle groups show an immediate (temporary) blast when they are pumped. Oh Chest Day! Oh Arm Day! EVERYDAY! Unfortunately I don’t fall into that category of chest and arm day everyday bodybuilders.  BUT! Today, I got the chest pump of life! And, check this out! NO WEIGHTS REQUIRED!

YES! No Dumbbells! No Barbells! No Cables! Just body and blood (as per usual). By the end of this workout, you’d feel a feeling you’ve never felt before. Parental Guidance is seriously advised! IT IS NOT FOR BABIES! Before I yap too much, let me get straight to it:

Push ups (4X to Failure)
Push Suspension (4X to failure)
Isometric Wipes (4X to failure)
Hand Release Push Ups (4X Failure)
Take 1 - 2 minutes rest (depending on fitness levels) between activities, as written above, complete 4 sets of push ups, all to failure before proceeding to the 4 sets of Push Suspension each to failure, and so on.

With the push suspension, hold your position as shown in the photo below. The remaining exercises can be found online. Good luck (you’d need it), tell me how it goes. This routine is off my “Home Grater” program. PUMP IT UP!

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