Tuesday, 6 September 2016

All Or Nothing Fitness With Dizzy: Music

RAAAAhhhhh!!, that's exactly how I get when my song comes on especially when I'm on the verge of giving up while either lifting or running. I know many people that lift do not think music is very important. They feel like it’s mainly for aerobics, cardio and spinning, but not me. To me music is life, it is important while lifting. With music, especially when it's your favourite, it helps you push through your workout, puts you in a better mood as you will not be concentrating on your soreness. It puts you in the zone.

 In addition to putting you in the zone, the right type of music combined with the right workout helps maintain a good pace. You'd notice that your workouts are more defined and would have a definite pace to it. That's good for form and isolation exercises.  You can hardly be static to the right song. Your mood is enhanced and hence, you work out better. This is merely an observation from my personal experiences listening to music while working out. If you don't have a power song already, you probably should, or a power playlist and do tell us how it goes in your next workout. Workout safe and let the music take control.

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