Tuesday, 20 September 2016

All Or Nothing Fitness With Dizzy: Lend A Helping Hand

Hello guys, whoop! “LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL”, *takes picture of a guy or girl using the wrong form or the fat man on the treadmill*. Unreal!

 I really don’t get people that do this. Someone’s made an effort to take a step in the right direction and your welcome is to laugh, you are a real genius, you are. It’s quite unfortunate, but we have such people and if you’re one of them reading this, shame on you! And, if you’ve been subjected to such I apologize, not everyone is that idiotic. So yeah, why not hand a helping hand next time and show support?

 We all started somewhere and if everyone gave us such a welcoming, I’m sure some of us won’t be where we are today. Or be headed in the direction at all. Luckily, as there are morons out there, there are also great people out there willing to help. I personally love to see first timers because they have a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm.

 At times, this lifestyle is like a jungle, the newbies come in more or less like newly born animals (no offense), not everyone will make it (into a lifestyle), but we serve as their parents (so to speak), it’s up to us to help these newcomers in the quest to survive as you were helped when you started (I say this because I know some people are hopeless and don’t want to be helped).

Before throwing the fat lady on the treadmill under a bus (you probably won’t have the strength anyways), or skinny guy struggling with five push-ups, have this in mind; you too couldn’t lift as heavy as you do now, nor were you as fit as you now are.  So, come on man, help them out and don’t be that guy taking pictures, posting on social media to feed your low esteem (at least, help first).  Signing out and if you need any help whatsoever , I’m always available.
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