Sunday, 16 February 2014

Food for thought:Sunday Dodo

        Vagina Monologues.. I must start this post by saying a VERY BIG THANK  YOU to everyone who disturbed Accra with us on Friday.. The Un4getable Tapout 2 was a very live event, we thank God.. Please watch this space for pictures from the event and details on other events coming up too.. A major major thank you to our sponsors Guinness Ghana. Media support from Campus Base TV, Yfm, Radio Universe, 233 live & House of Keys GH cannot be forgotten. Thank you from all of us at Dodo Gang, we hope you enjoy your Sunday dodo.
      Sunday dodo is like a ritual in African homes, most families get back from church on Sundays and start boiling rice before changing clothes (Please click here to read Bash Alee's Sunday Rice and Dodo After Church).. frying that perfect gold dodo looking like the sunny-Sunday-sun when the rice is ready. But lets rewind time back to what happened when everyone was in church and how many people really listened to the sermon and how many people were really looking at the light skinned girls and how many people were really looking at that usher's ass and how many people were in a different church last week. 
    I was in a Lagos conversation about 2 weeks ago when my friends mentioned how people go to different churches for different reasons.. for the light skinned girls, for the fine boys, for the old cargo cash bags, for business connections for the pastor you believe has the authentic blessings.and for that other reason too.. We all know that Sundays on the streets of Lagos are deep about the oppression with people driving their 'weekend cars' slowly in traffic to avoid scratching their cars and get enough attention on the custom plate numbers ..The gist that burst my head the most was the church that had a POS teminal for the 'big boys' when its offering time,you just punch in your 4-digit-pin to confirm your swag and do your 'ain't got no worries' pose, just before our pastor buys his 88th private jet like its nothing. 
  A nigga like me can't judge but I believe that whatever reasons you're going to that church for should be the right reasons and  I really hope you don't stop somewhere to get food that doesn't have dodo on your way home.. And I know another reason why people go to church on sundays is to keep them busy while they anticipate their Sunday rice and dodo after the service.. 
  Finally, we wish all our Dodo Gangsters a Happy Sunday! Happy Sunday Rice & dodo and we hope you enjoyed your Valentines weekend. What did you do for Valentine's day?

Up Coming Events 
#DisturbingKumasi 21st February at Aphrodisiac.. M.I.A  ALL BLACK PARTY.
Guest artistes are Sean Tizzle & Ajebutter 22.. brought to you by TeamVMG 

#DisturbingAccra on 28th February.. Shutdown (Official Pent Hall Week Party) at East Legon brought to you by Tapout Crew and Dodo Gang powered by Dream Entertaiment. 

Please leave your comments, views and suggestions in the comment box where the comment box is meant to be.LOL.. What did you do for Valentines day besides tapping out? What did you think about The Un4getable Tapout 2? What attracts you to the church you attend? What's the most head bursting thing you've ever heard or experienced in a church? Have you had your Sunday dodo yet? 
Please talk to us, we want to hear from you! #DodoGangnamStyle  

Bash Alee

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