Thursday, 18 July 2013


The Lovely Couple
During the weekend, the gang got invited to the wedding of Dr. Chibuikem Onuzo & Dr. Obioma Ohaeri now Onuzo by 2 friends of the gang, Chinwe & Nnamdi (Chinwe's brother married Nnamdi's sister,LIVE!),so we got to be part of the guests of both the bride and groom. Unfortunately for us, when we got to the wedding, DODO had finished and we were sad, then fortunately for us, the bride's father turned us up with drinks, so we hard to turn up at the wedding as you know that the gang never dulls. God Bless this union, it was a lovely wedding, we had a lot of fun. Happy Married life Dr. & Dr. (Mrs.) Onuzo. #DodoGangEndorsed Wedding!

No Dodo, but the food was LIVE! VERY VERY LIVE!


The Couple, Chinwe, Nnamdi & The Gang 

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