Monday, 30 December 2013

How come no one ever comments?

We just really think its unfair that no one ever comments on our blogposts, but we know you read them. We call Dodo Gang a group of people that love to eat fried plantain, guess this blog is meant to be more interactive. Or maybe we're not even doing the right job, or our approach is bad, at least you should please let us know whats up and how we can improve ourselves to better serve & entertain you. Even Sexual Dodo too gets no comments, so we don't know what the people's opinions about it are... Hopefully they've noticed that there hasn't been any sexual dodo posts in a while. We know that a lot of ladies love to read Dodo Trendz by Amarachi on Frydays cus its gears them up on fashion for the weekend.. That too, no one comments. The DGOD videos too, we hope they brighten up your day somehow, that too, no one comments. Dodo Gang shirts too, no one said anything about them, Thank God and Thank you that they have been selling though. Your patronage is very much appreciated. We hope that we got the message across that The Un4getable Tapout 2  is coming soon to Disturb Accra in February. We posted something about that, no one commented tooo.. Basically, ever since we started this blog, we have never ever had a single comment on anything. How should that make us feel? bad? No, it only makes us want to work harder to earn your comments. So thank you very much for never ever commenting as we will keep working harder to earn your comments. We hope you like us! .. And a free T-shirt goes out to the first person who comments on our blog. Happy Holidays, Season's greetings and God bless you. New Year is in 2 days, please include ProjectDodo2014 in your prayers  as we will all progress and have a reason to smile at the end of the tunnel. Amen. Someone will comment. Amen

Basically, we'd really appreciate it if we knew what our readers think about us as that will help us progress. Please be blunt about your comments. No sugar coating, no sweet mouth cus of too much Dodo. Thank you! Remember to Make Dodo Not War!

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