Friday, 20 December 2013

DodoTrendz by Amarachi: Ear Cuffs

Continuing with our accessories series, we are moving on to ear cuffs. The ear cuff is a grunge trend from the 90s that’s been making a big comeback almost all year. Well its way past a comeback now and it’s here to stay.
However tho, ear cuffs can be a bit tricky… I mean it’s not easy to have extra embellishments that accentuate your ears without looking a little extra-terrestrial, but this little hint of weird is the whole point.
Anyways, with things like this, my advice is it’s always better to start small with basic but still daring samples and not jump straight into having chandeliers and crystals sticking out or hanging from your ears, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with that either…lol
Here are some pictures of some cool ear cuffs:

Dodo Trendz by Amarachi
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