Sunday, 8 December 2013

Think like there's no box: Work Smart Not Hard

And there was a time the dodo will be fried.. fried so nice, there will be a twinkle in your eye. twinkle so bright...oh, so bright, brighter than the sun..soo bright it will light up your life. you'll be smiling from ear-to-ear like the yahoo messenger emoticon. you'll just be smiling anyhow, they'll think your possessed.. but Chale, don't mind them jarey.. only you knows what is bursting your head like that.. and there's only one thing that can do it so well. DODO the Ultimate! .. Golden DODO in the morning, call it golden morn. Golden DODO so gold it looks like the sun on the day that they worship the sun. Sunday!  You get over excited, you shout hurray! Listen to Hip-Hop, let them know you're Naughty by Nature, call it HipHopHurray. Get out of bed, workout and start your day.. not everyone will go to church because people are different.. There are Christians and Muslims and Budhists and Traditionial Worshippers and Atheist and the other other people that do the all the weird things we cant imagine.
    There's a free right to religion.. the right to believe in any supreme being that is bursting your head , or to believe that there's no supreme being at all, its really your choice.. and there's the right to be free to believe, believe in anything you want, the belief to be anything you can be and that's what freedom is. you should be free to dream and free yourself from mental slavery. be free to think like there's no box.
 Often we here people say "think outside the box".. but where is the box and who put it there?..The box is the mental cage that constraints your thinking process.. the one that limits you. If you believe in the existence of the box, its not bad, its still you exploring your rights to believe in anything you want to. All we're saying is don't limit yourself to a few options in life. there are so many things that you can be, why choose one? There are so many ways to do something, why choose one? If you initially chose one and it doesn't work out, then try another and another and another and another till you die.. another what? We didn't specify, because it can be another anything. Anything relative to the situation you're in. Mago Mago sef might just be it, you'll need to work smarter than you did before, doesn't mean you'll find your short cut to success, you'll just be smart enough not to fail the same way you did before. If the lyrics are not bursting her head in English, switch to french, spanish exists too.. you'll even find sexier women who speak those languages. If the dodo isn't golden brown go back and fry it well.. dont sha let it be black oh, we might just fine you for olodo cooking
    . Basically, we need to be smarter about the decisions we make in life and wonder if the things we do presently will matter tomorrow and how positively they impact  us and the people around us. We're all meant to be progressing forward not backward.. Forward ever backward never.. and that also applies to whatever situation you find yourself in. No condition is permanent, you should better your situation in everything.. add an extra weight to your bench press.. and don't be scared to try the things you fear, only then can the death of fear set in.. who ever has done it before doesn't have 2 heads.. you have 2 heads instead. yours and his.. you can study their process and modify them to work better for you. not copy copy oh, just an edge over everyone else. call it 3G.. 3G for third generational leader.. the Ultimate bad guy! Don't forget to fry your Sunday Dodo after Church. Happy Sunday and God bless you! .. Dodo Gang hopes this makes sense to you.

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