Friday, 20 December 2013

The Un4getableTapout 2

Rare things rarely occur, I guess that's what makes them rare. Rarely do you ever see events that they tell you before time that you'll not forget your experience... call it un4getable. Then again, they tell you that you'll need to tapout. Dodo Gang Entertainments and Tapout Crew present to you The Un4getable Tapout 2. After succesfully executing Un4getable 1 and Tapout 1, the merger emerged and The Un4getable Tapout 2 was born. Coming soon to you in Februar2014! DisturbingAccra DodoGangnamStyle. We can't do this without remembering our niggas who played crucial roles in the first events. Rest In Peace to T-Bag & Edddie. We miss you guys and know you're safe.. Back from the other world into this world.. This party is going to be the shiznitzzzz, cus you know the biznizzzz... Bridging the gap between Ghana & Nigeria. Its not just another Ghanain party that Nigerians might not want to attend. Its not just another Nigerian party that Ghanaians might not want to show up to. Its a step towards globalization. Increased interaction. Ghanaian guys, feel free to show up and toast the green and white naija girls. Naija boys, feel free to go in for those black and gold ghana girls.. Show up and set your p's. let's know what you're about. As usual, there'll be free dodo for all, so come one and come all. bring your friends to bring their friend's friends. Show your #DodoGangnamStyle in a cool Dodo Gang tee and get to enter at a subsidized feee. February2014 #DisturbingAccra. Accra, not Legon!

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