Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wunmi Eruaga

Wunmi Eruaga is a Nigerian multi-disciplinary maker of useful, curious and beautiful things.  His Core skills are in Graphic/Web design, Illustration and branding.

Wunmi’s journey is a little different than most. He started his career after graduating with a B.Ed in English Education from the University of Lagos, and made grand plans of becoming an Editor-in-Chief of a prominent magazine. After realizing he quite frankly couldn’t fly the rungs, Wunmi began teaching himself design at the age of 22. Fast-forward a few years and through a whole lot of ass busting, Wunmi is now a designer, founder, and maker.

After kicking off his career as a designer, Wunmi had the honor to develop ideas and design for companies such as M1oAfrica, RedboxAfrica, Popcentral, SupremeDremeTeam (a Hip Hop collective he is a member of) and Josh Manuel Co.

For the past two and a half years, Wunmi has steadily built and honed his skills under some of the biggest creatives in the industry. He considers life a learning process, following the advice of one of his mentors, still hasn’t seen his best at his endeavors.

In his spare time Wunmi is the founder of MADE BY DESIGN ™, a project dedicated to Lagos City’s creative business, culture and education. The project through collaborations, product design, content creation and education is aimed at engaging, promoting and empowering creatives, people & brands. Wunmi enjoys reading and writing.

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