Tuesday, 11 October 2016

All On Nothing Fitnes with Dizzy: Simplicity

Hello, yeah it’s been a while, we all know about a few of the challenges I have been having with my phone screen getting smashed and change of environment and all of the changes I have had to adapt to within the last couple of months or so… Or we don’t? Well now we do. Anyways I am not here to talk about my problems… Or maybe I am.

Simplicity. Simplicity. I want to talk about simplicity. In workouts, in diets, in supplementation, in life. Using simple methods and basic methods is often underrated, maybe it is for the reason that it is indeed so simple that makes it most ignored.

A lot of people do not believe that something as simple as getting enough sleep can help you lose weight or gain strength. People don’t believe that eating simple meals may be the key to achieving their goals. You dare not tell some people that a simple change to their lifestyle is probably all they need to do.

Now, kind of simple changes can you make to aide you in your fitness goals? Drinking a lot of water can be one. Just because it is cliché does not mean it does not work, It definitely does. Have I already mentioned getting enough sleep? Oh I have!

How about little short walks every now and again, some might say, OH PLEASE! But you would be surprised. Extremes, excuse me while I jump to extremes, Extremes like starving yourself just to lose weight, or long hours on the treadmill and other cardio machines, Lifting heavy too soon etc, Rome as they say was not built in a day, but I guess I can’t bash you guys for trying! STOP IT. It becomes counterproductive and highly unsustainable. So back to simplicity, my advice is to keep things simple, set simple realistic targets and use simple realistic methods to reach the goal. Oh, and Give it time.
Unfortunately I can’t write it all in this post, hence it becomes long and boring, so if you need a simple plan, and steps to reaching your desired goals then don’t hesitate to ask. Cheers!

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