Friday, 25 April 2014

Dodo Trendz by Amarachi: Overall Gorgeous

Some of us like to dress cool, some of us like to be chic, others classy, sexy, sophisticated and the likes. However, we can all agree that we all love or at least hope to be comfortable in whatever we wear. One of the easiest trend that helps to achieve this is the #overalls.

The #overalls is one childhood fashion trend that's making a major comeback, and we are definitely loving it. The newer versions are so much more fun with their cool fabrics, colors and silhouettes, it definitely gives a significantly more chic feeling while still maintaining its sexy-tomboyish uber-comfortable roots. 

I know you are already loving it too, but it's always important to find the right overalls for your body (we don't want anyone looking like a farmer or anything lol). So unless you are going for a boyfriend look, try to avoid the extra bagginess. Those of you who are a little more sexy can opt for shortalls or more slim fit and tailored overalls. 

So on those days that you are just absolutely bored with skinnies or shorts, try an overall or a shortall, whichever way you decide, we are sure you will look overall gorgeous.

Dodo Trendz by Amarachi Nlemigbo

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