Wednesday, 30 April 2014

DodoGangnamStyle: Plantain Baked Eggs

Watch how plantain and eggs turn to film trick before your eyes.. I just found this badass- mouth watering dodogangnamstyle and knew that I'd be wicked if I didn't share it on here with the whole gang. I'll let you goiz know how it goes when I make my own cus I'm definitely going to make my own... Or anyone that wants to make it and deliver to goiz can apply in the comment box. Thanks Goiz! #DodoGang

PS:Your #DodoGangnamStyle is the way you love to enjoy your fried plantain! Let's get creative goiz, it cannot always be rice and beans. Try boiled plantain and tom-tom sooon. Let us know how you feel after.

Video Credit: Ndani Tv

Bash Alee

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