Thursday, 14 November 2013


They were in bed together, The Air conditioner was on but their immediate atmosphere was hot...both sweating, panting and smiling to one another...arms around each other...not wanting to let go...
Then she turned...naked, her back to him, pulling his arms tighter around her...she could feel his Dick getting up again, she definitely would not mind some more..he was a horse, not necessarily in length even though he was at that, but his performance, Oh Gawd his Performance was definitely "IT"!..she wanted to take that ride..over and over again non stop

He kissed her neck gently, stroking her nipple with one hand, the other going into her already dripping vagina, playing wit her clitoris,
Squeezing her breasts, he adjusts her bum, She moaned, she loved it when he took charge, like He knew her body was his for the taking, Already hard as wood... He wants to go in, she does not stop him, moaning in approval.. She wanted him again, helping his dick in and moaning louder as she did...

Both on their sides, he was in her warm, wet, tight vagina, her moans were louder, as he went in and out of her faster and faster.....
Adjusting and moving her onto her breasts, not coming out, continuing to grind her, the weight of his body on her as he supports with his hands pinning down her waist,
She begins to move with his rhythm, he was hitting her pussy slow, but hard with each stroke, her moans louder with every stroke, she would definitely wake the neighbours up at this rate he pulled her hair back, smacking her bum, Harder baby, she screamed,

He rode her faster and they were in an upright position, her hands on the wall, his dick still inside her...he was going in faster..squeezing her breasts and smacking her butt as he her fingers were running thru her hair, separating and pulling it aside, she wanted him to kiss her neck...go into her ear and whisper dirty to her... He understood immediately and complied...bending her over..he fucked her hard...smacking her harder...her hands squeezing his balls as his dick did the job...then he paused and came out

Put her on the bed, on her back and spread her legs wide, and did what he had not done all night, he went in tongue first....starting from her clitoris, running his tongue on it....pulling it with his lips... Then lower to her pussy lips...eating them out...she deserved to be satisfied, he had gotten his own fair share of satisfaction this night...he wanted her to wake the neighbours...putting his finger in to support, he put his tongue in, licking and french kissing her pussy lips...she was not in the room anymore..her mind had wandered...she her hands on his head pushing him in deeper and deeper....he was happy she was happy, she wanted him..he kissed it like it was her mouth, ravaging every corner....the she burst outm..not once, not twice but three his face....Nobody needed to tell him that at this point she had gotten her satisfaction...would she still want dick, he thought to himself..then she pushed him and jumped on
Him, riding him viciously, face to the ceiling, riding him hard, her back to him ( reverse cowgirl )....
She commanded him to smack her butt..and he obeyed..rididng him continously..then she felt him burst inside her.. Then she asked him..ARE YOU SATISFIED?

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