Friday, 8 November 2013

DodoTrendz by Amarachi: Nail It


 The other day we got to talking about all the little accents that can add to a look, and we

spoke about rings. Today, we are moving further down your hands all the way to your


 Nail art!!! A big rave this season. Monotone nails are sooooo long gone, and patterned

glittered up nails are here to stay.

 When we think nail art, I know sometimes it seems unachievable, but here are some

DIY tips:

• Get a fresh take on the french tips by switching out the color, instead of the usual

pink, keep it soft but fresh with nude coats and a metallic tip like silver or maybe

even black.

• Flip the french tips again and paint on a white Cresent at the base of your nails,

and color the top.

• Love the summer?? Have the sun with you all the time by coating a yellow polish

on top a blue basecoat at the base of your nails, and then lightly drag out a few

sun rays with toothpicks.

 These are a few of my own tricks, now just go out and try something. The best part is,

there's no wrong answer.

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