Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Fitness Manual with Selema Enang: The Perfect Body


I have probably been writing this post for a week, wondering what I’m going to post first because I seem to have a lot to say, how I want it to seem and how much I want you to learn from our encounters on this platform every Thursday. So, I decided to start from the beginning of every nutrition and fitness journey. I hope that in a bid to express my passion for nutrition and fitness, I will help people find theirs.  My name is Selema and I write for The Fitness Manual.

Often, I hear people talk about how much they hate their bodies, what they want to change about their bodies, how ‘imperfect’ their bodies are or how much better they would look if they had Andy’s legs or Bola’s arms. They stand in front of the mirror every morning, tearing themselves apart until there is nothing left. Then they get dressed and walk away extremely unhappy and more hate now present in their heart for themselves than before they even stared at their reflection. All because they allow society tell them how they should look, and that if they do not look that way they are not and will never be enough.

First, you need to understand that being healthy comes in different sizes.  Ayo’s look when he/she is healthy will not be the same look for you when you are healthy. People also need to stop judging how they ought to look based on magazine images. These images have been made to look perfect, they hav the perfect lighting, perfect makeup, perfect angles and perfect edits. Make no mistake that after the models in these magazines step away from the camera, the edits and the perfect lights, they too are unhappy about not looking exactly how they looked in the magazines. Because once again society has edited what they truly look like to achieve a ‘perfect’. An illusion!

Love yourself, because if you don’t, no amount of weight loss can fix that. It will never be enough. There will always be something about your body you don’t like. Losing weight does not fix your inability to love yourself. If all you can see when you look in the mirror are your thick thighs, thicker arms or how much smaller your lower body is, then you have so much work to do, not just dropping just a few pounds.

Accept your reflection, be dead to the critics and the negative voices in your head, be dead to all the things you think ‘are wrong’ about your body and work hard every day to be the best version of yourself. Turn all the things you think your genes have cheated you into your strengths. You need to understand that this fitness journey is not a 4-week-lose-it-all or an 8-week-break-necks-by-walking-down-the-street program. It is a lifestyle, getting better every day and becoming stronger than you were yesterday. It takes hard work, patience, CONSISTENCY, discipline, will power, determination and most importantly, self-love.

There will be those time you will look in the mirror and see no difference, you will have to love yourself in those times and through those times so that you can love yourself beyond the physical to keep going even when the instant gratification effect is absent. So, I am not asking you to be perfect, or to be a size 0. All I’m asking every Thursday is for you take your health seriously and start working towards a better, healthier you. Like it or not, this singular request is the most important thing and the easiest person to love on this planet is YOU.

Thank You.

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