Friday, 3 June 2016

Business Feature: Coral Craft: Passion Turned Business

Coral Craft C.E.O Bodurin  Tolani 
                                                My passion for bead making captured my heart since my childhood days. Growing up, I loved playing with beads which I found very interesting and seeing adults, especially my mum wear the beads to accentuate their outfits whenever there was an event always caught my attention. I always admired beads, I found them girly and very attractive.

 I had a strong interest to learn how to make the beautiful looking jewelry pieces. Although it looked quite difficult to make at the time, my interest wasn't lost neither did I give up. As time passed, I challenged myself to make my passion a reality by being creative with my spare time.
                  I started laying my hands on beads to create what I could, I took it as a hobby knowing very well that  it was something I enjoyed doing. I always practiced and made use of the few ideas and observations I got from the already made beads. With constant practice, I was able to make a simple anklet and necklace which was encouraging as it got some positive comments from my family and friends.

 Along the line, I felt the urgent need to improve my skills, so I reached out to a friend who specializes in bead making. I got an advanced training which led to the birth of Coral Craft, my known brand for bead making. Now I make my own designs for occasions and also train people. I am happy with what I do and I'm glad I made use of the opportunity I had to discover myself and talent. I saw the creative part of me through it. 

I hope to make it a bigger and better widely known craft making brand in the future as well as to  have a craft center where people interested have the opportunity to learn and discover the creative part of them like I did. 

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  1. I admire your passion and love for what you do... Every other thing becomes secondary. AWESOME!!

  2. Your handmade costumes are well made with perfect colors and classy beads!
    I really love the way it fits on any clothing from official to casual wear!