Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Bash Aleee Caller Tunes Codes

Happy New Year Gang,


We're happy to tell you goiz that you can now download and set your favourite Bash Aleee voicenotes as caller tune. So while your callers are waiting for you to pick that phone up, they are listening to some very engaging and entertaining poetry, spoken word and comedy skits. At the end of the day, everyone is happy either ways whether the call was picked or not. Switch your style up people, the plantain lifestyle brand has endorsed this. Its cost only N50 monthly. And, you can be sure to hear more from Bash Aleee this year. Trust us, we'd always give you the exclusives right here on the Dodo Gang blog. The 'Voicenotes By Bash Aleee' Tab on the right side of our page isn't going anywhere. Please be sure to check and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Bash Aleee material and keep buying those voice notes on Spinlet.

Find below the caller tune codes for the voicenotes.

See below your MTN Monthly Codes: To activate Text your preferred code to 4100
0725462BittersweetBash Aleee
0725463HalimahBash Aleee
0725464Human RaceBash Aleee
0725465In LawBash Aleee
0725466Mr DurexBash Aleee
0725467Power ShowBash Aleee
0725468Restaurant BantsBash Aleee
0725469ScriptBash Aleee
0725470Somewhere In LagosBash Aleee
0725471StereotypeBash Aleee

Please see below your Airtel and Etisalat codes.

Airtel: Text preferred code to 791
0491061Human RaceBash Aleee
0491062Somewhere In LagosBash Aleee
0491063BittersweetBash Aleee
0491064ScriptBash Aleee
0491065Power ShowBash Aleee
0491066Mr DurexBash Aleee
0491067StereotypeBash Aleee
0491068Restaurant BantsBash Aleee
0491069In LawBash Aleee
0491070HalimahBash Aleee

Etisalat: Text preferred code to 251
993575Human RaceBash Aleee
993581Somewhere In LagosBash Aleee
993573BittersweetBash Aleee
993580ScriptBash Aleee
993578Power ShowBash Aleee
993577Mr DurexBash Aleee
993582StereotypeBash Aleee
993579Restaurant BantsBash Aleee
993576In LawBash Aleee 

HalimahBash Aleee

Keep texting to subscribe guys, God bless you as you continue to support the brand. Dodo Gang. 

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