Wednesday, 4 November 2015

New Music: Ghost- X.O Senavoe

Breaking his silence, from the opening words of GHOST, you know this is an X.O Senavoe you’ve never heard before. “Drowning all my sorrows in this vodka, having a ball, wondering when you’ll grow one/I been hearing that you f****rs wanna show out, oh boy, click click on my shot gun”. If you think that was an incredible start, you should wait 'till the end. GHOST is everything you wanted X.O to be – fearless, bravado-spilling, multi-bar-lacing, and all with effortless delivery, as he lays claim to being one of the greatest African rappers ... ever.
Ghost was produced by Ghanaian producer, Gaffacci

Please, listen download and share Ghost - X.O Senavoe

Ghost is #DodoGangEndorsed #XONation

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