Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Dodo Gang by Scofield Designs

Dodo Gang's Amarachi Nlemigbo recently hooked up with illustrator, writer and content creator of Scofield designs, Eruaga Joseph Wunmi Jr. for our newest collaboration just in time for summer. A number of T-shirts and tank tops are currently in production using Scofield's Dodo Gang designs. Scofield's ability to interprete ideas into beautiful reality caught the attention of Dodo Gang. He has lent a number of brands his expertise as his works have been used on single art work for artistes such as Vector's "Wasted" and BigShot's "GoodGirls"
 He has remained incredibly busy, designing for Josh Manuel Collection (JMC), a clothing brand where he is currently the Head Graphic Artist & Art Director. We managed to scoop some words from Scofield who is renowned for his incredibly private existence.

Amarachi: It has been a bit tough to find information on you. I've assumed that's to protect the sanctity of your private life, and put your work forward as a representation of your personality?
Scofield: I work from behind the scene and I rarely get the chance to do interviews and all that. In a fame-crazed world creatives like me prefer the quiet life of running the show from our desks.  Maybe that is one of the reasons I have enjoyed working for brands with loud personalities.

A: Nonetheless, do you ever get recognized on the street in Lagos?
S: No. I'm not Famous. Maybe I'm famous at Josh Manuel Co. or THE BOMB get-together and parties but that doesn't constitute the general public.

A: What was your art or design education, if any?
S: I have no formal art or design education.I educated myself. I'm gifted and then I studied on my own 'cos being gifted isn't enough

A: Do you maintain an archive of all your work?
S: I used to. With illustration and design sometimes you get too engrossed you loose track. I don't keep numbers of my work. I've designed a lot

A: Do you work alone on most projects, or do you maintain some kind of team?
S: Yeah, I work alone most of the time. Just me, my mac, graphic tablet, pencils and sketch pad. However, I love creative collaborations and working with people

A: Please indulge my curiosity, What is your favorite food?
S: My favorite  food would be Pounded yam and Egusi soup. We all love Plantain though.

A: That's Dodo Gang Behaviour... Do you have a favorite TV show?

S: I don't have too many favorites and I don't do T.V often but at the moment I'm hooked on the series MADMEN

A: Thank you very much for making out time for us despite your incredibly busy work schedule. 
You can join Scofield's world of words and graphics by following him @iam_scofield on Twitter and @wunmijr on Instagram. Scofield designs is #DodoGangEndorsed

This is one of the dodo gang designs by Scofield in different colours.

What do you guys think? 

Bash Alee

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