Friday, 11 October 2013

Sexual Dodo: Part 1

                                                                             Part 1

The whole day was dull, the weather not helping much, hot and dry, felt like hell without the fire...then I decided to take a stroll in my already 'fore-thought boring estate.....and then I saw HELL FIRE in human me, she had the fire....She was blazing hot, from head to toe, natural curls on the top of her head, plain white vest, black shorts and sandals....seems like she was out taking one of those 'I'm so bored, and PHCN is messing up' strolls..

I continued to stare without caution as I walked by, She was definitely looking at me from behind her shades and singing to herself "dude, u cant see past ma shades"...I didn't care though, I didn't want this to end as eye candy.....she looked to sweet to leave to rot or let another guy eat up that I turned around and I'm like hey sweety, whats really good ( I forgot I was back in Nigeria and she was obviously gonna form), and yes she didn't disappoint, She def dulled, but my aim was to get her 'feeling the boy'

So we sat on a random carn got talking, then she let her guard down when I let out my famous line, ( when I blurted out to her my profession) they always fall for that, then the tables turned, she started to ask the questions, random ones at that.....Then out of the blues she spat it out "I'M SO HORNY" my reaction -----> O_O

'Well lets go over to mines' I said, she followed me like a disciple....we got to my place, I poured out some rose wine (my favourite) for both of us, and we continued to talk, flirt at this point anyways, then I sat next to her, my arm on the couch behind her neck, she was definitely warming up by house 'smelled' of sex...
then she put her sexy, red nails painted, fingers on my bulge ( yes I was hard, wouldn't u be?) and squeezed it softly,I smiled to myself...but this had to be quick, the parents would soon be back home

Then she put her glass down and whispered into my ear, "please tell me u have a condom"...."of cos hunny, wanna wear it on for me" i replied. She got on her knees, zipped my jeans down and put her mouth to it.....slowly at first, teasing the tip of my caressing her hair, face to the ceiling,( yes it was that good ).....

Then she stopped, stood up and faced the couch, pulled her shorts down, revealing her black and pink boy shorts....LINGERIE HEAVEN!! or so I thought to myself.... 

... The Story continues next week. Please look out for #Fryday by Dodo Gang #DisturbingAccra coming soon! Thank you! Happy Fryday

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